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The PROV Wiki is an online tool for sharing information about PROV's collections of records.  The Wiki can be used both by PROV staff and by members of the public to publish information about individual records, Victorian people and places or other research topics relevant to Victorian history.

We hope that the PROV Wiki is used to provide more and better information about researching at PROV and what can be found in our 90-odd shelf kilometres of physical and digital information.


What can be done through the PROV Wiki?

Edit existing pages

PROV staff have put up collections of images about which we have incomplete information.  We welcome any addtional infomation or corrections you have for image descriptions.

The PROV Wiki is linked to the online list of signatories to the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition.  Many people have already updated the Wiki with biographical details of women who signed the petition.

Contribute new information

There are many opportunities to share information through the PROV Wiki.  You might think about:

  • Adding details to images of historical events.
  • Providing biographical or historical information around particular records.
  • Providing guides or advice on accessing records you have used (for example Peter Evans' guide to mining boiler records).
  • Updating PROV's guides on the Wiki.
  • Keeping notes of useful information discovered in your research so that others can benefit.
  • Collaborating with others online in group projects.

What is a Wiki?

The PROV Wiki is built using the same software that is used on the Wikipedia website ( This software allows for the creation of web pages that can be edited by anyone, and keeps track of editing activity.  Therefore different people interested in the same topic can cooperate to post information about that topic, whether they are known to each other or not. 

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