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This site contains a mixture of advice on PROV records from PROV staff and members of the public. While it believes most information posted on the site will be useful, PROV does not endorse the validity of advice given on the Wiki.

For the most authoritative advice on specific records, consult the PROV online catalogue.

Here are some general principles for posting:

  • Do respect copyright laws.
  • Do be bold and adventurous in updating and editing articles (your own and those submitted by others).
  • Don’t worry about making mistakes. Your efforts do not need to be perfect; prior versions are saved and no error is irreversible.
  • Do cite verifiable, authoritative sources when known.
  • Do be aware that PROV Wiki has free content that anyone can edit and distribute.
  • Do interact with all contributors to PROV Wiki in a respectful and civilised manner.
  • Do avoid personal attacks on other contributors particularly on controversial topics.
  • Don't post information about living people (see our Privacy Policy).
  • Don’t use PROV Wiki as your personal webspace, blog or a social networking site.
  • Do make time to study our Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • Do contact us if you want to suggest improvements to this site.
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