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The PROV Wiki is a service provided by Public Record Office Victoria to allow users to contribute information about archival research and sources available within PROV’s collection. Contributions of material centred around Victorian history with an emphasis on Victorian Government records are encouraged – particularly those held in PROV archives. It allows anyone to add to, change, challenge and comment on other people’s material. 

The PROV Wiki encourages the sharing of material that includes:

  • Original research on Victorian-related subjects
  • Discussion on Victorian-related topics
  • Tips about PROV’s holdings and how to find different records
  • Citation of sources (either PROV or other sources)

PROV asks that material contributed to the PROV Wiki does not refer to living people because of the potential overstepping of privacy boundaries that may occur.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopaedia that allows anyone to publish material on any subject to the internet and, once again, allows anyone to add to, change, challenge and comment on other people’s material.

Because Wikipedia aims for the standards of accuracy appropriate to an encyclopedia, principal requirements of material published to Wikipedia are:

  • no original research
  • citation of sources
  • non-judgemental, neutral point of view
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