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The PROV Wiki is a site created for, and by, the users of Public Record Office Victoria. You are welcome to submit articles about historical records held by PROV or other sources but please make sure that you do not include information on living persons. 


What type of records can I add to the PROV Wiki?

  • You can contribute your own articles on Victorian-related subjects complete with sources and citations if you know them.
  • You can expand upon a PROV record. For example, you could contribute a photograph of the primary school where your great-grandfather taught and link it to an entry to his Probate and Administration File and also to records about the school.
  • You can publish a transcription you have created of a record found in PROV’s collection – for example, the transcription of a lands file, an inquest or a list of pupils from a school register. Don’t forget to give the source and citation of the original record and link to it if possible.
  • The PROV Wiki is the ideal place for you to upload images such as photographs of government buildings, schools, bridges and link the images to records held by PROV.
  • You can contribute your family history research for signatories of the Women’s Suffrage Petition.

You can update information held by PROV

You can submit further information about government departments, businesses or organisations found in PROV’s collection.

For instance, have you discovered some pupil registers which are not held by PROV, or an asylum register whose whereabouts is currently unknown? If so, you can contribute what you know to the PROV Wiki.

You can help other researchers with research guidance

Are you knowledgeable in a particular area of research? If you are, you can share the fruits of your labours with other researchers in the same field. You can do this by contributing information, tips and guidance you have discovered while searching records.

For instance, if your field of expertise is railway records, you might like to list the timetables for the Belgrave line for 1940 or, if you are Railway Model enthusiast, you could contribute the references for the best drawings to use in the construction of to-scale model rolling stock.

The advantage of these Random Acts of Kindness is that you will someday reap the benefits of another researcher's similar act of generosity (if you haven't already!)

You can use the PROV Wiki as a resource guide

As you read documents, you can summarise the contents which will help other researchers looking for similar information. You can do this by expanding upon a single PROV record or by listing sources on a particular subject.

For example, you could create a page "Where to find Rate Books in Victoria" and compile a list of all municipalities for which PROV holds the rate books. Have you have located rate books held by municipalities or organizations (other than PROV) which can be added to this list?

You can collaborate with other researchers on research projects

As PROV Wiki is a website which you can edit, you can work with other researchers to share sources by:

  • Fleshing out other researchers’ articles with information obtained through your own research or personal knowledge.
  • Editing other researchers’ articles – supplying or correcting dates and giving sources and citations if you know them.
  • Identify people, places, events and dates for records in our photographic collections.

You can help improve the PROV Wiki

There are many articles in the PROV Wiki which could be improved with your help. For example:

  • Wanted pages appear as red links - these are pages for which someone has created an internal link but as yet no-one has written anything.
  • Short pages and stubs are only a title or only a line or two of text – you could expand these by contributing your knowledge of the subject. You don’t have to be an expert in the field – even a small amount of information is better than none and it might encourage others to contribute their research
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