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Harriet Isabella Barwise is associated with stanley, victoria located at these coordinates -36.4049895, 146.7552033

Date of Birth: 10th May 1859
Date of Death: 3rd October 1933
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Related Resource URL: http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/WomensPetition/
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Harriet Isabella Barwise was born to James Richard Walkeden and Mary Ann ( Nee Hackett) in 10 May 1859 in Stanley Victoria.

Married on 3 Dec 1873 Henry Machel Barwise Ch. 10 Feb 1834 Whitehaven, Cumberland, England (son of Henry Barwise and Margaret (nee Christian)


James Robert b 27 January 1874 Great Western, m Eva Matilda Cotaz 1889

Margaret Frances b 21 September 1875 Great Western, m Walter Stean Carey 7 Dec 1896 in Stawell

Harriet Catherine b 1878 d 14 Feb 1879 Great Western

Mary Ann Elizabeth b 25 April 1880 d 26 July 1884 Great Western

Henry William b 6 May 1882 Great Western m Florence Lily Pearce in 1910 (injured WW1)

Stanely Morris b 6 March 1888 Great Western d 4 Oct 1911 Stawell, (inquest)

Nelson Wesley Eustace b 1891 Stawell, d 20 March 1917, France (Killed in Action)

Albert George b 22 July 1896 m Veronica Mary Murphy 18 April 1927 d 18 July 1950.

Electoral Roll 1903 Victoria St Stawell, Home Duties, F 1914 Fowler St, Coburg, Home Duties, F

1919 3 Dally st Northcote, Home Duties, F

Commonwealth Batman, State Jika Jika 1924 Subdivision Northcote Barwise, Harriet Isabella, 6 Hunter St, Northcote, Home Duties, F (Also son Albert) Harriet died 3 October 1933 and is buried at Preston with G Grandson David Kilmartin.

This woman signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition You can see the entire petition on the Parliament of Victoria Website.

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Has birth date10 May 1859 +
Has coordinates36° 24' 18" S, 146° 45' 19" ELatitude: -36.4049895
Longitude: 146.7552033
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Has death date3 October 1933 +
Has imagehttp://wiki.prov.vic.gov.au/images/f/f5/HARRIE_1090.jpg +
Has keywords1891 women's suffrage petition +, mary ann nee hackett +, mary ann walkeden +, margaret barwise + and margaret nee christian +
Has person nameHarriet Isabella Barwise +, James Richard Walkeden +, Henry Machel Barwise +, Henry Barwise +, James Robert b +, Eva Matilda Cotaz +, Margaret Frances b +, Walter Stean Carey +, Harriet Catherine b +, Mary Ann Elizabeth b +, Henry William b +, Florence Lily Pearce +, Stanely Morris b +, Nelson Wesley Eustace b +, Albert George b +, Veronica Mary Murphy + and David Kilmartin +
Has related resourcehttp://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/WomensPetition/ +
Latitude-36.405 +
Located instanley, victoria +
Longitude146.755 +
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