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Harold Lascelles Carless is associated with 121 Victoria Street Flemington located at these coordinates -37.7854706, 144.9350388

Date of Birth: 1893
Date of Death: 1957
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Related Resource URL: http://wiki.prov.vic.gov.au/index.php/Victorian_Era_Victoria_Street_Flemington
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Harold Lascelles Carless and his father James lived at 121 Victoria Street Flemington for over a decade. The Carless family had been residents of Flemington and North Melbourne (known as Hotham) for many years as Harold's grandfather and master mariner, William James Carless had made the area his home after arriving in Australia in 1852.

This biography forms part of the Victorian Era Victoria Street Flemington project. Sarah, James and Harold Carless lived at 121 Victoria Street Flemington.

James Carless married Fanny Winifred Lascelles in 1879 and they were to have seven children, Harold being the second youngest. His mother was to die in 1897 at just 40 years old and when Harold was just four years old. Fanny was a signatory to the Women's Suffrage Petition of 1891.

Various electoral record sources give Harold's occupation as machinist and woodworker however a newspaper article found via TROVE suggests that, by the 1930's, Harold may have become involved in the manufacture of furniture somewhere in Flemington. The large two story shed at the rear of the Victoria Street house may well have been the location of his workshop. The shed was built in Nov 1913 after the City of Melbourne issued a building permit no 4479 costing 5/- for the construction of a "wooden and iron stables" to J Carless as builder. The owner of the house was listed as being Edwin Carless (Harold's older brother)

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Facts about "Harold Lascelles Carless"RDF feed
Has birth date1893 +
Has coordinates37° 47' 8" S, 144° 56' 6" ELatitude: -37.7854706
Longitude: 144.9350388
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Has date1852 +, 1879 +, 1891 + and 1913 +
Has death date1957 +
Has keywordsvictoria street +, flemington +, howard lascelles carless +, james carless +, fanny carless + and 1891 womens suffrage petition +
Has occupationmaster mariner +, machinist + and woodworker +
Has person nameWilliam James Carless +, James Carless +, Fanny Winifred Lascelles + and Edwin Carless +
Has related resourcehttp://wiki.prov.vic.gov.au/index.php/Victorian_Era_Victoria_Street_Flemington +
Latitude-37.785 +
Located in121 Victoria Street Flemington +, Flemington + and North Melbourne +
Longitude144.935 +
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