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What Police Records do you you have?

Victoria Police (VA 724) was established following a Legislative Council select enquiry, Prior to 1853, various police forces had operated (please see VRG 10 for more details about the development of Police Forces in Victoria). You can also find additional information by searching for Police under function (VF 10). This will tell you which government departments had responsibility for police over the years. To find details of the various series held by PROV, go to Access the Collection, click on searching, find by number and enter 724 under agency. Then click search and click on related series. This will display details of all of PROV's holdings relating to Victoria Police.

Some of the main series held by PROV relating to Police are:-

  • Police Muster Rolls (VPRS 55) 1871-1973
  • Inward Registered Correspondence (VPRS 937) 1852-94. A partial index to this can be found in PROV's reading rooms.
  • Register of Police Salaries and Wages (Paymaster's Branch) (VPRS 1775) 1905-25
  • Pay and Allowance Registers (VPRS 1776) 1925-30
  • Salary Cards (VPRS 1785) 1929-61
  • Police Appointments, Promotions and Resignations (VPRS 2071) 1904-53
  • Inward Correspondence Files (VPRS 807) 1853 - 1893. Part of this series is indexed by VPRS 10257 and part by VPRS 675.
  • Register of Letters Sent (Outward Correspondence) (VPRS 676) 1853-1895

Several microfiche are also held which list police officers and candidates for the force at various points in time. Microfiche can be viewed at the Victorian Archives Centre (VAC) Reading Room.

There are also frequent references to police in VPRS 24 Inquest Deposition Files (although the name of the deceased needs to be known to gain access).

Researchers may also find references to police in the records of the Chief Secretary (VA 475) who exercised responsibility for police from 1851-1979. The index to this correspondence is VPRS 1411 and can be ordered for viewing in the Victorian Archives Centre (VAC) reading room. Correspondence and other records of the Police Magistrate, Port Philip District (VA 472), the Superintendent, Port Phillip District (VA 473)  Also contain Police information, particularly for the period before 1900.

Please note that many of the more recent police records are subject to a 75 year closure period under S9 of the Public Records Act 1973 as they contain personal information. For records in this category, it is necessary to apply for access directly through Victoria Police

Have any police records been digitised?

VPRS 108/P0 Duties Register, Police Magistrate,Portland Bay (VA 4730), 1840-1853 has been digitised. 

The records contained in this volume, commonly known as the Portland Magistrate's Book, document a number of different government activities. It is a snapshot of daily life in the district of Portland in the 1840s. Some of the major contents of the volume include: Salaries of Police at Portland; Unfixed contingent accounts; Return of arms, ammunition and accoutrements for the service of the constabulary; Register of licenses to slaughter cattle; Issue of various licenses and certificates in the Portland district; Quarterly returns of leg irons, handcuffs and marching chains at the Portland police station; Particulars of Ticket of Leave holders; List of convicts who had obtained their freedom.

You will find the digitised copy here: http://www.prov.vic.gov.au/publications/documents/00108-P0000-000001.pdf

Do you have a copy of the Police Gazette from 1873?

Police Gazettes are available for viewing in the Public Records Office reading room (99 Shiel Street, North Melbourne). Date ranges available are 1856 to 1969.

Who do I contact in relation to Victorian Police Records which are closed under section 9?

Freedom of Information

Victoria Police

GPO Box 415

Melbourne VIC 3005

Tel: (03) 9247 6666

Web: www.police.vic.gov.au (Go to: Our Services, then Freedom of Information)

How do I get a copy of my Police Record?

Please note that you do not have to make an FOI request to obtain a police record check or accident report.

For a police record check or copies of your police record, contact: Email: publicenquiryservice@police.vic.gov.au Tel: 03 9247 5907

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you or your lawful representative can obtain a copy of the accident report by contacting:

Accident Records Unit Victoria Police                                                                                                                       

PO Box 415 

Melbourne  VIC 3005

Email: accidentrecords.imd@police.vic.gov.au (make sure you include details about the accident)

Please note: fees are payable for police record checks and accident reports.

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