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Do you have a photograph of my great-grandfather who served time in prison?

Some of the later date prison registers may have photographs of prisoners.  Early prison registers do not contain photographs.

Do you have a picture of my grandmother's house in North Melbourne?

PROV does not hold photographs of individuals houses in its collection.

Do you have pictures of the 1956 Olympics?

PROV has a collection of the Melbourne Olympic Games photographs which can be searched online at http://www.prov.vic.gov.au/olympics/default/asp

Do you have photographs of ships?

Original records held by Public Record Office Victoria (PROV)
PROV holds a number of series of photographs created by the Melbourne Harbour Trust Commissioners (VA 2799) and the Port of Melbourne Authority (VA 1426). These photographs and negatives depict a range of of activities and scenes at Melbourne's ports, including a small proportion of individual ships, most of which are not named. These records have not been digitised, but can be searched for and ordered on PROV's online catalogue for viewing in the reading room of the Victorian Archives Centre. Please note: the records in these series cannot be searched for by the name of a ship.

Can I get a copy of my old school photograph?

You can search PROV’s website to establish if records are held of your school. If photographs exist you can preorder the records before visiting the reading room. Once you view the records you can obtain a copy of the photograph.

What railway-related photos do you have?

PROV has a large collection of images of the PTC. You can search online at http://prov.vic.gov.au/indexes/index_search.asp?searchid=41. A large majority of the photographs have not been digitised. You can search in VPRS 12905 which is a card index by subject.

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