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1. What is the date range of hospital records held by Public Record Office Victoria?

The hospital records that Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) hold are from 1856–2002. PROV does not hold many records to do with hospitals.
2. Does PROV hold patient records?

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) does not hold many patient records as they are not deemed to be permanent records. You will need to contact the hospital where you were admitted to see if the file still exists.

3. What information would you find in records created by hospitals?

The types of records held include registers, case books, building files and plans, administrative records e.g. minute books, annual reports, minutes of committee and board meetings. 
4. Do you have records for specific hospitals?

Public Record Office Victoria holds the records of only a very few hospitals. They are:-
VA 901 Alfred Hospital 1870-ct

VPRS 3848 Master Patient Index Cards 1919-1958

VA 1243 Austin Hospital 1882-ct

VPRS 609 Reports [Austin Hospital} 1891-1923

VA 1048 Royal Melbourne Hospital

VPRS 12477 Medical Ward Books, Case Notes 1856-1910
VPRS 10234 Medical and Surgical Patient Records 1908-1932

VA 1238 Mercy Hospital for Women 1971-ct VPRS 15627 General Subject Files 1971-2000
VPRS 15628 Committee Minutes, 1971-2002
VPRS 15630 Minutes, Various Committees 1971-1999
VPRS 15631 Minutes, Advisory Board / Advisory Council 1971–1984
VPRS 15688 Annual Reports 1972-2002
VPRS 15629 Minutes, Board of Management and Sub-Committees 1976-2001

VA 1252 Oakleigh District Community Hospital 1948-1983 VPRS 5760 Minutes of Meetings of the Committee of Management 1948-1983
VPRS 5764 Minutes of the Auxiliary 1948-1951
VPRS 5759 Annual Reports, Constitution and By-Laws VA 3970 1949 – 1982

5. Does PROV hold records for Mental Institutions?

Yes, PROV has extensive holding of records from Mental Health Asylums and Licensed Houses. For information on these records, please refer to PROVguide 59 Mental Health Records. This PROV Wiki also has entries on mental health which is accessed at FAQ - Mental Health and Mental Health Records

6. Does PROV hold any records about hospitals that were created by other Government Departments or Agencies?

Yes, Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) does hold records that refer to hospitals. Some of the Agencies and their associated series are:-

VA 863 Her Majesty's Gaol, Pentridge 1960-1965 VPRS 10120 "D" Division Hospital Index 1960 - 1965, VPRS 10123 Hospital Monthly Returns 1921-1953and VPRS 10125 Register of In Patients 1920-1963
VA 511 Melbourne (Town 1842-1874; City 1847-ct)  VPRS 4092 Conference re Hospital for Contagious Diseases1878 - 1879 and VPRS 12890 Register of Infectious and Contagious Diseases 1919-1930

VA 3745 Department of Treasury and Finance 1995-ct also hold series of records relating to funding and construction of hospitals

7. Are there any drawings or plans available of hospitals?

Yes, there are plans and drawings available in VA 2904 Department of Public Health 1924-1944 VPRS 7882 Public Building Files 1874-1988 and VPRS 8044 Public Building Plans 1930-1988
8. How do I find records for my great-grandfather who was a patient in the Royal Melbourne Hospital when he was a boy?

VPRS 12477 Medical Ward Books, Case Notes 1856-1910 comprises volumes containing consulting doctors' reports on patients. The medical ward books were the patient files of the time with each honorary surgeon or physician maintaining their own volume for each hospital ward.This series contains patient medical history and treatment. The information recorded for each patient includes: patients name, occupation, residence, details of arrival in the Colony, date admitted, presenting symptoms, treatment, including date/time drugs were administered, operation performed, observations, discharge, recovery or death
If you are looking for the medical record of a particular patient, select the unit that contains the records for the year in which you are interested. The records are divided into two broad categories: medical and surgical. Within those categories, the patient records have been categorised into types of illness or condition. The medical (and surgical) records have been bound into separate volumes. Patient histories are arranged in alphabetical order by surname within each volume.The records are further divided into Male Wards and Female Wards. Separate books of case notes were made by the surgeons or physicians visiting each ward.
Patient histories are arranged in alphabetical order by surname within each volume. An example of the title of one of the volumes is: Medical: General: Typhoid. Another example is: Medical: General: Intoxications: Alcohol.

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