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Who is responsible for creating and administering the health profession records?

There are almost as many responsible Agencies for the health profession records as there are branches of medicines. The list includes the following Agencies:-

Chinese Medicine

I need my Nursing Certificate to get back into the work force.

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) does not hold Nursing Certificates. For information about Nursing Certificates, contact the Australian Health Practioners Regulation Agency.  However, PROV does hold the following series which may help:-

What other sort of nursing records do you hold (apart from employment records)?

Other records held include Annual Reports, Board and Committee Minutes, Correspondence and Examination Papers. Some examples are:-

What dental records do you hold?

PROV holds several series of records for the Dental profession. They include:-

In addition to the above employment-related records, PROV also holds many other series relating to organizational matters such as Board Elections and Appointments, Annual Reports, Board Minutes and Papers, Dental Legislation and Regulation Working Papers and Public Education Committee Minutes.

I'm a Psychiatric Nurse - can I access my records?

VPRS 16412 Psychiatric Nurses' Register 1952-2001 and VPRS 16413 Mental Retardation Nurses' Register 1953-2001 contain registration numbers and associated details for Pyschiatric Nurses and Mental Retardation Nurses.

How do I access Doctor Registration details?

What records do you hold about Chiropractors?

PROV holds very few records from VA 1341 Chiropractors and Osteopaths Registration Board of Victoria and VA 4870 Chiropractors Registration Board of Victoria

They are VPRS 16432 / P0001 Annual Reports 1979-1992 and VPRS 16433 / P0001 Board Appointments 1981-1996

Do you have any records for Optometrists?

PROV holds a few records for the Opticians Registration Board VA 4871 1935-1996 and the Optometrists Registration Board of Victoria VA 1348 1996-2010

  • VPRS 16477 Annual Reports & Working Papers, Newsletters 1980-2008 This series includes copies of the the annual reports to the Minister detailing the activities of the Board, financial details, numbers of optometrists registered and details about complaints against optometrists and breaches of the Act. Also included in the series is a file containing working papers used in the preparation of the annual reports which contain drafts, audit papers and financial statements.There are also newsletters and memorandums sent by the board to registered optometrists. The newsletters were published irregularly and provided information on Board activities, education matters, updates and reminders on regulations, and hearing details.
  • VPRS 16479 Legislation and Regulations 1979-2000 The content of this series relates to the legislation and regulations that govern optometrists. Documents include correspondence, drafts, legal advice, discussion papers and working papers regarding proposed amendments to regulations, regulatory impact statements, sunsetting of regulations and reviews of the Optometrists Acts of 1958 and 1996.
  • VPRS 16480 Board Minutes 1936-1955 consist of the minutes of the Optometrists Registration Board of Victoria I  (formerly the Opticians Registration Board of Victoria)  and the subsequent Optometrists Registration Board of Victoria II. Information in the minutes includes financial reports, correspondence and related actions, applications for registration and for restoration to the register, investigations into complaints and breaches of the Act, removals from the register, disciplinary issues and educational matters.
  • VPRS 16481 Optometrists Register 1936-1993 This register of certified opticians / optometrists was created and maintained as a requirement of the Optometrists Acts. The names in the register are arranged alphabetically, and include information such as addresses, qualifications, date of registration, certificate number and annual fee receipt numbers.

What records do you hold regarding Osteopathy?

The Agency responsible for Osteopathy records is the Osteopaths Registration Board of Victoria VA 4872 and the records held by PROV are  VPRS16476 Subject Files 1998-2009 which consists of Annual Reports created by the Osteopaths Registration Board during the course of its business. 

Do you have any records created by the Pharmacy Board?

The Pharmacy Board of Victoria (I) VA 1349 and the Pharmacy Board of Victoria (II) VA 4877 have at various stages had the responsiblity for creating and administering Pharmaceutical Records. Those in the custody of PROV are:-

  • VPRS 1870 Board Minutes 1877-1958 This series contains the minute books of the Pharmacy Board of Victoria which include reports from the agency's committees, financial reports, policies, guidelines, strategic planning and general business.
  • VPRS 16383 Pharmaceutical Register of Victoria (Alphabetical) 1916-1982 These records consist of record cards for registered pharmacists arranged alphabetically by surname. Information recorded includes name, registration number, qualifications, addresses and registration renewals.
  • VPRS 16384 Pharmaceutical Register 1877-1988 The volumes contain lists of registered pharmacists in Victoria. Information includes name, registration number and qualification. The register was published and gazetted annually.
  • VPRS 16386 Planning Committee Minutes 1975-1979 The Planning Committee was responsible for regulating pharmacy premises. Records include applications for approval of new premises and for alterations to premises, recommendations, planning reports and guidelines.
  • VPRS 16387 Signature Books 1877-1985 are registers containing handwritten lists of registered pharmacists in Victoria and include name, registration number and signature.

I am interested in records created about Physiotherapists - what records do you hold?

The agencies responsible for the creation and administration of physiotherapy records are the Physiotherapists Registration Board of Victoria (I) (previously known as Masseurs Registration Board of Victoria 1923-1978) VA1350 and the Physiotherapists Registration Board of Victoria (II) VA 4874

  • VPRS 16484 Board Minutes 1923-1960 This series consists of the minutes, agendas and papers of the meetings of the Physiotherapists Registration Board of Victoria (I) (formerly known as the Masseurs Registration Board of Victoria) and the Physiotherapists Registration Board of Victoria (II). Content includes financial reports, professional conduct reports, registration reports, policies and guidelines.
  • VPRS 16485 Legislation 1922-2009 consists of the Physiotherapists Registration Board's discussion papers, correspondence and drafts of proposals regarding legislation, such as the Masseurs Registration Act 1922, the Physiotherapists Act 1978 and the Health Registration Act (Amendment) Bill. The Masseurs Registration Board of Victoria was created in 1923 pursuant to the provisions of the Masseurs Registration Act 1922. Subsequently the Physiotherapists Act 1978 set up the Physiotherapists Registration Board of Victoria. The Health Professions Registration Act 2005 was passed in 2005 and came into affect in 2007. Under a Competition Policy Agreement in Victoria, all existing health practitioner registration Acts were to be reviewed by the year 2000. The Discussion Papers were an opportunity for practitioners and interested customers to comment on the way in which standards of physiotherapy care are protected.
  • VPRS 16486 Subject Files 1950-2009 consists of various agency subject files including the appointment and retirement of board members, regulatory impact statements and financial statements. There is also an incomplete set of the newsletters produced by the Board.

Do you have records of Psychologists?

The Victorian Psychological Council VA 1351, Psychologists Registration Board of Victoria (I) VA 4875 and Psychologists Registration Board of Victoria (II) VA 4876 have all created and administered records for the Psychology field of medicine over the years.

  • VPRS 16447 CEO Subject Files 1966-2005 consists of a range of files created by the CEOs and/or senior management during the process of running the agencies. Subjects include review of legislation and regulations, appointments to the board, exemptions regarding regulations for certain practitioners and issues regarding scientology.

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