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My grandfather worked for Victorian Railways - do you have his employment records?

PROV holds some Railway Employment records and a good place to start your research is with PROVguide 62 Transport - Public Transport - Railways

You can also search the Victorian Government Gazettes for lists of permanent employees.

Some information on personnel can be found in:-

  • VPRS 12597, Employment History Cards, Transport Operations Branch / Transportation Branchwhich is a series of cards arranged alphabetically by employee surname. Information given in this series includes name, date of birth, date of appointment, position and salary. P0001 consignment consists of 2 units for the years 1890 - 1925 arranged by date of birth. P0003 consists of 15 units for the years 1951 - 1985 and gives only staff locations. P0004 consists of 1 unit for the years 1948 - 1952 with information about Casual Porters.
  • VPRS 13538 / P0001 / 001 Subject Index, Personnel 1925 - 1953. This series (which consists of only one volume) provides access to Correspondence by subject title. It is mainly personnel-related on matters such as accommodation, annual leave, allowances and the seniority list.
  • VPRS 13278, Staff Returns, Rolling Stock Branch 1932 - 1983 comprises of volumes recording name, date of birth, postion held, commencement date and  date left. It also contains files containing statements on a number of employees employed in workshops including tradesmen such as painters, welders and toolsmiths.
  • VPRS 12592 / P0002 / 001 Employment History Sheets, Stores Branch, 1886 - 1954 contains one unit only which has a name index at the front. It contains information such as name, date and place of birth, date of appointment and qualifications.
  • VPRS 13532, Accident Register, Employees, Rolling Stock Branch 1939 - 1947 was created to record all reported accidents involving Rolling Stock Branch employees. It consists of one volume only and contains details including name, date, place, cause and result of the accident. 
  • VPRS 12807 / P0003 / 001, Sponsored Migrants Records 1951 - 1954 consists of only one unit relating to the recruitment and employment of European Migrants as a result of the labour shortage after WW2. They were contracted to work for the Victorian Railways for two years as a condition of employment. The series contains a wealth of information about the (mainly German in this series) migrants including their interviews, their classification, pay rates, allowances, board payable, where employed and even English classes.

Can I have a copy of my Apprenticeship papers?

For information on apprenticeship certificates please contact the Apprenticeship Help Line (Office of Training and Tertiary Education): 1300 722 603.

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) holds a portion of records relating to apprenticeships in Victoria, but not certificates. For example, VPRS 11758 Apprenticeship and Employer Data Reports (1973 -1994) contains a listing of apprentices by registration number, alphabetically by surname and a listing of employers by registration number. For detailed information please consult PROV's online catalogue at www.access.prov.vic.gov.au

I need a copy of my Hairdresser's Certificate.

PROV holds very little in relation to hairdressing. The responsible agency is the Hairdressers Registration Board (VA 1229) 1937 - 1985. You may wish to explore the records that are held by PROV by clicking on the link.

For information on apprenticeship certificates please contact the Apprenticeship Help Line (Office of Training and Tertiary Education):
1300 722 603.

I think my great-grandfather jumped ship to go to the goldfields - do you have records of deserters from ships?

Yes, we do and PROVguide 49 Transport - Ships Crew is a great place to discover information about any ancestors who may have worked on a ship.

For a more modern slant on deserters, you might also be interested in a file in VPRS 1095 / P0000 / 14 Deserters from the Royal Navy Flying Squadron

My mother was a teacher - do you have teacher records?

PROVguide 56 Education, Health and Welfare - Education Records is a great place to start when you are looking for records about teachers.

There are many other sources of information about teachers and student teachers. They include:-

Do you have employment records for Policemen in the early 1900's?

  • VPRS 1776 Pay and Allowance Registers 1925 - 1930 records the fortnightly payment of pay and allowances to police officers and sworn members. This series is interesting because it not only includes police officers but also includes ancillary workers such as hospital attendants, cooks, stewards and trackers.
  • VPRS 1785 Salary Cards 1929 - 1962 records the fortnightly payment of pay and allowances to police officers and sworn members. This is a subsequent series to VPRS 1776
  • VPRS 55 Police Muster Rolls 1871 - 1973 contains a list of police officers at police stations for each month.
  • VPRS 5431 Police Gazettes 1856 - 1970 are available in the Reading Room and do not have to be ordered. They contain a wealth of information about varied subjects including police appointments and warrants for arrests.

Where can I get information about an ancestor who worked as a Public Servant?

My father was a taxi driver - do you have any records for him?

VicRoads hold a series of records documenting the regulation of commercial transport. The microform records contain information regarding:-

  • Goods permits
  • Drivers certificates
  • Authorised Log Book Name Cards and Log Book Application Forms
  • Passenger Papers and Files

Please Note:- These records are not held by PROV.

VPRS 4035 Hackney Carriages (Licensed Vehicles) 1859-1938 contains the Minute Books of the Hackney Carriage Committee meetings. This was a standing committee of the Melbourne City Council and was responsible for the administration of Council ByLaws relating to the regulation and licensing of vehicles plying for hire for the transportation of passengers or goods, and to the conduct of the drivers of those vehicles. The committee's major tasks appear to have included the monitoring of the various types of license applications (i.e. Hackney Carriages, Motor Car Drivers, Motor Car Owners, Carters and Motor Omnibus) and the dealing with any complaints or correspondence referred to it by the council. Details regarding action taken on these functions and other minor items of business are included. (A hackney is a carriage or cab for hire).

I need my Nursing Certificate to get back into Nursing

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) does not hold Nursing Certificates. For information about Nursing Certificates, contact the Australian Health Practioners Regulation Agency However, PROV does hold the following series which may help:-

What dental records do you hold?

PROV holds several series of records for the Dental profession. They include:-

VPRS 16499 Advanced Dental Technicians Register 1975-1999 The Advanced Dental Technicians' Qualifications Board (VA 1339) was responsible for creating and maintaining a register of licensed advanced dental technicians containing their full names, residential addresses and the addresses of their place of work.

VPRS 16515 Diplomates' Licentiate of Dental Surgery Register 1902-1947 Diplomates are holders of a diploma who have also been certified as a specialist by an Association or Board. The Diplomates have signed the register to acknowledge their receipt of their diplomas.

VPRS 16516 Ernest Joske Memorial Prize Register and Orations 1940-2000 This series consists of two volumes. The first volume contains the names of the winners of the Ernest Joske Memorial Prize awarded annually to the Dux of the Dentistry College. The second volume holds copies of the Ernest Joske Memorial Oration which is a lecture given to honour the first Registrar of the Dental Board.

VPRS 16517 Examination Results 1926-1938 These volumes contain the results of annual examinations of dental students of the Faculty of Dental Science at the University of Melbourne.

VPRS 16523 Signature Books 1910-1938 Section 13 of the Dentists' Act 1910 (No. 2257) required a signature to be recorded for each registered dentist.

VPRS 16526 Temporary Registrations Register 1972-1993 Section 22 of the Dentists' Act 1973 (No. 8287) stated that, upon application, the Board could issue a temporary certificate of registration as a dentist and that the Board should keep a record of those registrations. The register records the names of applicants, date of birth, addresses, qualifications and registration numbers.

VPRS 16527 Dentists' Register 1888-2000 These registers contain the names, addresses, qualifications and registration numbers of dentists registered with the Dental Board of Victoria (VA 1343). Between 1888 and 1920, the registers also contained a periodical called "Dentists' Register" printed and published under direction of the Board. From 1920, the registration details became part of the Government Gazette.

VPRS 16520 Permit Records 1928-1963 Permit Certificates are records of permits issued to employers allowing them to employ suitably qualified under their supervision, under Section 68, sub-section 3(a) of the Medical Act 1928 Part II.

I'm a Psychiatric Nurse - can I access my records?

VPRS 16412 Psychiatric Nurses' Register 1952-2001 and VPRS 16413 Mental Retardation Nurses' Register 1953-2001 contain registration numbers and associated details for Pyschiatric Nurses and Mental Retardation Nurses.

How do I access Doctor Registration details?

VPRS 16388 Application Register 1994-1996 contains the names, dates and type of application (eg. medical, specific, extension) of medical practioners who were granted registration. 

VPRS 16392 Foreign Register 1957-1981 contains a list of medical practioners who were granted foreign registration. Details listed include name, date, qualification, examination details and decision. The decision column appears to indicate the duration of the registration granted and gives an end date.

 VPRS 16391 Specialist Medical Register 1971-1979 lists medical practioners who have been granted specialist medical registration. A new specialist registration number was generated and recorded in this register.

VPRS 16394 Medical Registers 1852-1998 The format of these registers has changed a little over time but essentially they all record names, dates and qualifications.

VPRS 16395 Temporary Medical Registers 1852-1999 record details such as name, date, qualifications, institutions, period and extensions.

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