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What records does PROV have regarding divorce?

VPRS 5335 Index to Divorce Cause Books 1861-1932.The index is available online 1861-1924. For records 1925 to 1932, order the original register VPRS 5335/p4 unit 1 to establish the case number.  This series provides access to VPRS 5334 Divorce Cause Books and VPRS 283 Divorce Case files.

VPRS 5334 Divorce Cause Books 1861 - 1936. This series consists of the registers recording petitions for hearings in the Supreme Court in the divorce and matrimonial causes jurisdiction and the summary information with respect to the petition.

VPRS 5515 Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Jursidiction Court Books c1890-1945.  This series consists of the volumes listing the causes for hearing at each sitting of the Court with the name of the judge presiding and the date of the sitting. The series provides a summary of each case which was heard by the Court.  No records exist for 1920 to 1938 in this series. 

VPRS 283 Divorce Case files 1861-c1937. This series consists of case files created to manage divorce proceedings in the Supreme Court.  Some of the case file documents are closed due to mould damage.

What do the different date ranges refer to?

The divorce case files are arranged in two sequences. The first sequence, from 1861-1890, is arranged in a single-number filing sequence, ie 1-816. The second sequence, from 1891-1976, is arranged in a straight annual-number sequence, ie 1891/01-1976/19, commencing with case 1 at the beginning of each year.

How can I search for and order divorce records?

You can search PROV's online index for 1861 to 1924 for the divorce case number.  For records 1925 to 1932 order the index to Divorce Cause book VPRS 5335/p4 unit 1.

For more information on the searching and ordering process for divorce records at PROV please consult PROVguide 61 Divorce Records and HOW TOguide 61 Accessing a Divorce Case File.

Researchers seeking access to Victorian divorce records from 1933 onwards can contact the Registry of the Victorian Supreme Court to obtain the case number. 

For records 1933 to 1975 contact the Registry of the Supreme Court of Victoria

Contact details:

Supreme Court of Victoria

Level 2, 436 Lonsdale Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone (03) 9603 9397 

For divorce records 1976 to the present, apply directly to the Family Law Court of Australia

Family Law Court of Australia
Tel 1300 352 000

Are there any divorce records that have been digitised?

An index to the divorce case files is available online for the years 1861-1924 at 


The divorce case files have not been digitised.  If the records are on open access you can order the file in advance of visiting the Victorian Archives Centre Reading Room.

Some of the files are closed under section 11 of the Public Record Act 1973 for conservation as they are mould damaged.

Does PROV hold Ballarat Divorce Case Files?

PROV does hold Ballarat Divorce Case Files but they are only available for viewing at the Ballarat Archives Centre (BAC). The series number for these records is VPRS 552 Divorce Case Files By 1890 - ?1958. Please note that these records are only part open to the public as many of these case files still fall under a 75 year closure under Section 9 of the Public Records Office Victoria Act 1973.

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