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Can I get a copy of a birth/death/marriage certificate from PROV?

No you can't get a copy of a birth/death/marriage certificate from PROV.  Certificates of Victorian births, deaths and marriages, can be obtained from the Victorian Registry of Birth, Deaths and Marriages, for a fee. Contact details Web www.bdm.vic.gov.au Telephone (Australia) 1300 369 367 (within Australia for the cost of a local call) Telephone (Overseas) + 61 3 9613 5999.

Can I get a reference number for a birth/death/marriage certificate from PROV?

Yes, you can search the indexes and get the registry number for birth, death and marriages for the following years Births 1836-1920, Deaths 1836-1985, Marriages 1836-1942, Marine Births, Deaths and Marriages 1853-1920. These indexes can be searched in PROV's Reading Rooms at the Victorian Archives Centre and the Ballarat Archives Centre, the State Library of Victoria, and a range of genealogical centres and libraries.

What if the person I am looking for was born/died/married at sea?

You can search the Marine Births, Deaths and Marriages Index 1853-1920. The Marine Index is an index to births, deaths and marriages registered by ship captains and submitted by them to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.  This index can be found in PROV's Reading Rooms and also other genealogical organisations and some libraries.

What if I can't find my ancestors name in the index?

A surname could be misspelt or the given name abbreviated. Try a broader search using the wildcard * , for example if you are looking for Johnston you could try 'john*on' which will return results for Johnstone and Johnson.  You can search for births under the mother's maiden name which could produce more results than the father's surname. There is a possibility the birth, death or marriage may not have been registered until the following year and also that the birth, death or marriage may not have been registered in Victoria.

Can I get my time of birth from PROV?

No, PROV does not hold any records that provide your time of birth.

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