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Eureka Stockade:Remonstrances from certain inhabitants of Bendigo is associated with Ballarat, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.5621071, 143.8561493

This resolution from Bendigo dated January 1855, documents the diggers' disillusionment with the government's behaviour over the whole matter of Eureka, and specifically with the decision to try men for treason. It strongly recommends a general amnesty of those involved.

Record Citation: VPRS 1095/P Unit 4, Bundle 1 no. 21 (January 1855)
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Agency: VA 466 Governor (including Lieutenant Governor 1851-1855 and Governor's Office)
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Date: January 1855
Record Type: Resolution
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Language: en
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01095-p0000-000004-0010-210-001.jpg Bundle 1 No. 21

January 1855 Remonstrance from certain Inhabitants of Bendigo

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01095-p0000-000004-0010-210-002.jpg To His Excellency Sir Charles Hotham K.C.B.

Lieutenant Governor of the Colony of Victoria and Its Dependencies

The following remonstrance of the inhabitants of the Gold –Fields of Bendigo in public meeting assembled. Sheweth That they have learnt with alarm and regret that the Government in opposition to the advice of the Commission of Enquiry, and the publicly expressed opinion of Melbourne and Ballarat are about to put on trial as State Prisoners the persons reputed to have been connected with the late occurrences at Ballarat and still continue offering large rewards of public money for the discovery of certain persons not yet apprehended. That the inhabitants of Bendigo in the want of a conviction being obtained, hereby solemnly protest against any punishment being inflicted, in as much as the long course of corrupt and apprehensible mismanagement of the Gold Fields with the consequent disaffection prevailing throughout the mining

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01095-p0000-000004-0010-210-002v.jpg mining population incited the people to protect the rights they were entitled to as British Subjects and under feelings of XXX exasperation to repel the invasion of their unalienable rights and privileges of XXX Constitutional freedom. That therefore this meeting pledges itself to maintain by every measure in its power the rights and privileges of their loyal fellow subjects and XXX expressed its conviction that as the Government has protected itself by a Bill of Indemnity from the consequences of its own infringement of the constitution, it is only just and equitable for the Government to proclaim a general Amnesty a measure of becoming and just concession, which will preserve to our laws institutions the loyal adherences of the people of this colony. –

On behalf of the Meeting Richard Baker Chairman Robert Benson James XXX

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01095-p0000-000004-0010-210-003.jpg Angus Mackay

William DC Donovan James Egan XXX XXX

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File:01095-p0000-000004-0010-210-003v.jpg J H Kay Esq R. N

Sir, I have the honour to forward you the enclosed remonstrances from the inhabitants of Bendigo for presentation to His excellency the Lieutenant Governor. I have the honour to be Sir Your obedient servant James XXX Sec. of Reform League Sandhurst January 26/1855

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