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James Stewart’s letter to Lieutenant Governor Charles Hotham, dated 5 December 1854, discusses the resolutions that were to be raised at the public meeting of the following day (6 December), describing them as 'of a much more temperate character' than those originally put forward. These resulted from a meeting between the two men. The letter also discusses the appointment of a commission that would mediate between the diggers and the government to restore order to the goldfields.

Record Citation: VPRS 4066/P Unit 1, December 1854 no. 28
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Agency: VA 466 Governor (including Lieutenant Governor 1851-1855 and Governor's Office)
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Date: 5/12/1854
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04066-p0000-000001-0070-280-001.jpg Confidential 11 Collins Street West

5th. December 1854 Sir, I do myself the honour to forward you a copy of the Resolutions we intend to submit at the Public Meeting tomorrow. These Resolutions you will observe are of a much more temperate character than those I read to you from a draft yesterday. I consider it but put to add that the modifications have resulted in a great measure from the interview I had the honor to have with you Altho’ the resolutions as a whole may not meet with your cordial approval I can asure you they are dictated in no hostile or offensive spirit to the Government but are wholy as we believe an honest expression of the opinions of the great majority of the people. I sincerely trust that no feelings of

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04066-p0000-000001-0070-280-001v.jpg Capt. Kay

Private Secretary

fastidiousness on the part of the Government may prevent it from meeting the people by sanctioning the proposed Commission which we intend shall comprise the most eminent of our citizens of all shades of opinion.

I beg to assure you as representative His Excellency of my most earnest and most anxious desire both as Christians and Patriots by all means in our power and at the hazard of our lives and fortunes to preserve the peace and uphold the constitutional liberties of our country. I trust you will excuse the liberty I take in forwarding the communication as it results entirely from our interview of yesterday and like that interview confidential. I have the honor to be Sir, You most humble and obedient servant James M. Stewart

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04066-p0000-000001-0070-280-002.jpg TO THE CITIZENS OF MELBOURNE

The Government has called a Meeting for the Protection of the City. Good! Let the Citizens also meet for the Protection of Constitution Liberty. To carry out this object a meeting will be held To-Morrow Afternoon, (Wednesday), at TWO P.M., in the vacant space, adjoining Saint Paul’s Church, Swanston Street, near the Bridge, when the Resolution will be submitted:- 1. The constitutional agitation at Ballarat has assumed its present form in consequence of the coercion of a military force, professedly imported for the defence of the colony against foreign aggression ; and that matters would not have been precipitated to their present issue, but for the harsh and imprudent recommencement of digger-hunting during a period of excitement. 2. That the citizens of Melbourne, while disapproving of the physical resistance offered by the diggers to the Government, cannot, without betraying the interests of liberty, lend their support to the measures of the Government, till they have obtained a guarrantee that steps will at once be taken to place the colony in general, and the gold fields in particular, on such a footing, that a military despotism will no longer be required. 3. That a commission, consisting of seven citizens, possessing the confidence of the community, be appointed by this meeting, to mediate between the Government and the diggers, for the restoration of peace, the withdrawal of the military from the diggings, and the security of the colony. (By order of the Provisional committee) J.M. GRANT and JOHN D. OWENS, Joint Secretaries

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04066-p0000-000001-0070-280-002v.jpg No 28

5th December 1854 J. M. Grant Meeting to take place at St. Pauls Churchyard

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