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This polite reply to Father Patrick Symth's letter of the previous day, dated 1 December 1854, demonstrates Lieutenant Governor Charles Hotham's reluctance to deviate from the law under any circumstances, and also his concern that authority be respected.

Record Citation: VPRS 3219/P Unit 2, 3426
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Agency: VA 856 Colonial Secretary's Office
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Date: 1 December 1854
Record Type: Letter
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03219-p0000-000002-0010-010-338.jpg 1st December 1854

In acknowledging the receipt of your letter of yesterday’s date I am advised by His Excellency to thank you for your earnest efforts, which in your professional calling you are making to allay the disturbances. Unless the Government enforce the laws which may be in operation disorder and licentiousness must prevail. 2. You know a commission is issued for the purpose of enquiry into the state and condition of the Digging population until they make their report the Laws that His Excellency found in force must be obeyed. (Signed) J. Moore A.C.S 3426

The Revd Patrick Smyth Catholic Priest Balaarat

re: no. 23
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