Eureka Stockade:Commissioner Rede reports arrest of 2 men concerned in the latest outrage

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Eureka Stockade:Commissioner Rede reports arrest of 2 men concerned in the latest outrage is associated with Ballarat, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.5621071, 143.8561493

This letter from Robert Rede to the Gold Commissioner, dated 22 October 1854, discusses the bail hearings of those involved in the burning of the Eureka hotel. Rede also discusses his interpretation of the situation in Ballarat, advocating decisive action by the authorities, in particular the arrest of 'all concerned in the outrage' in the belief that 'if the License Fee is to be continued it must be by coercion'.

Record Citation: VPRS 1189/P Unit 92, K54/11826
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Agency: VA 856 Colonial Secretary's Office
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Date: 22 October 1854
Record Type: Letter
Event Type: Trial
Language: en
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01189-p0000-000092-0240-010-001.jpg Residt. Commr. Ballarat

Reports arrest of two persons concerned in the late outrage.

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01189-p0000-000092-0240-010-002.jpg To the Chief Commr of Gold Fields Melbourne Balaarat

October 22nd/54

Sir, I have the honor to inform you that two persons concerned in the late outrage on the Eureka Hotel yesterday morning I brought before the Bench who committed them to Geelong. The Bench would let them out on bail of 500£37,500 £approx2009
76,000 $AUDapprox2009
10,000 shillings
120,000 pence
each. Mr Sturt having been requested by delegates from the mob to bail them out had agreed to do so for 100£7,500 £approx2009
15,200 $AUDapprox2009
2,000 shillings
24,000 pence

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01189-p0000-000092-0240-010-002v.jpg this I thoroughly protested against as it would the effect of lowering the Bench here in the estimation of the people, ultimately the bail demanded by the Bench was found and the Prisoners liberated - there was a very large crowd outside the camp who dispersed after some little noise.

Two measures are left us now one is to arrest all concerned in the outrage as soon as possible and if any resistance is made to give a fearful lesson or to remain as we are the people will settle down quietly after a few days and things will fall apparently into their former places with this exception that the

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01189-p0000-000092-0240-010-003.jpg authority of the Government on the Gold Fields will be lessened. I would strongly advise the first I would in justice to those already arrested arrest all implicated as far as possible and if anything like a serious resistance is made or an attempt at rescue, a lesson should be given them which should prove that the Government could insist.

If we now allow things to take their course the very first cause of complaint will be an excuse for a rising or drunk miner or an insolent policeman may call a mob on the camp; another reason is that I feel convinced that if the Licence Fee is to be continued it must be by

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
01189-p0000-000092-0240-010-003v.jpg coercion and the sooner the miners are shewn that coercion can be used successfully the better.

I have conferred considerable length with Mr. McMahon and agree with him that if the arrest is to take place it will be as well to wait for the detachment of the 12th and then in case of resistance we shall be in sufficient force to punish. I propose sending out for unlicensed miners tomorrow in the usual way this will test the feeling of the people. I have the honor to be Sir, Your most obedient servant

Robt. Rede Resident Commr.

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