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Depositions, such as those contained in these documents, served as a record of the initial hearing held before a local magistrate in which the charges against a person arrested were presented. The evidence of a witness was heard in front of the accused who had an opportunity to respond. As a signed statement, depositions had legal weight and formed the basis of evidence for the full trial.

These documents consist of an additional deposition, and its official receipt, taken from Michael Welsh in October 1854 for the inquest investigating the murder of James Scobie.

Record Citation: VPRS 5527/P Unit 1, Item 2
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Agency: VA 2825 Attorney-General's Department (previously known as the Law Department)
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Date: 1854
Record Type: Deposition
Event Type: Trial
Language: en
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Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
05527-p0000-000001-0020-010-001.jpg Received from the Crown Solicitors Office four parcels depositions re: Scobie

14th April 1858 Chief Secretary’s Office

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
05527-p0000-000001-0020-010-002.jpg Note 10 October 1854 R v Catherine Bentley&

William Shy. Hance R v John Farrell

No 10 November 1854 R v James Francis Bentley Catherine Bentley& John Farrell Inquest on Body of James Scobie

See other side

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
05527-p0000-000001-0020-010-002v.jpg These depositions given to Mr. Chomley in Attorney Generals Office, Wednesday 14th of April, 1859

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
05527-p0000-000001-0020-010-003.jpg To the Crown Prosecutor, Geelong

Ballarat Camp 23 October 1854

Sir, I beg to forward you a statement of a man named Michael Welsh, in the case of the “Queen V. Bentley & Farrell” for the death of “James Scobie”. I only heard that this person knew anything of the case, after the Prisoners had been committed. I therefore merely send you his statement and have also bound him over to appear as a witness event of your deeming his evidence important.

It appears to connect Farrell throughout the affair, and would support the testimony

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
05527-p0000-000001-0020-010-003v.jpg signature not readable of Mooney who stood at one time in the position of one of the accused, but was discharged.

We have used every effort to get the witnesses down in time for the ensuing sessions, but I fear that the woman Mrs. Welch and boy, cannot be got down in time, though evidence may be sufficient without them.

I have the honour to be Sir, your most Obedient Servant

Police Magistrate

P.S I am glad to say we have secured the two witnesses Mrs. Welch and son who will be in Geelong. I hope the trial will proceed as it will tend much to restore or & confidence on the diggings.

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
05527-p0000-000001-0020-010-004.jpg Michael Welsh states that he was living in the in the House as waiter, that at ½ past of the night of the 6th a man who was drunk came to the front door of the Inn and tried to get in, he broke in a pannel of the door and glass of the window, I heard Duncan tell him to go away and Mrs. Bentley also told him to go away that he should have no drink at that time of night, I heard him tell the Clerk that he would give him a hiding if he would come out, Mrs. Bentley again told him to go away, and he called her a whore. I was in bed at the time in the Bar. Bentley, Farrell, the Clerk & Duncan the Barman was in the Bar at the time the man was trying to get in, as also Mrs. Bentley. They all left the bar. I cant say they went out, but I heard

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
05527-p0000-000001-0020-010-004v.jpg them after a few minutes return to the dining room. Mrs. Bentley was laughing, when Duncan came in I asked him what she was laughing at so harty, he said fellow got a chip that was at the door, shortly after this the body of the deceased Scobie was brought in. Dr. Carr was called in and Farrell assisted him when he attempted to bleed Scobie. When the man was trying to get in, I heard another man some little distance off, call him to come away & never mind them.
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