Establishment of a Zoological Gardens Collection at Ballarat - Some Suggestions

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Establishment of a Zoological Gardens Collection at Ballarat - Some Suggestions is associated with Ballarat Botanical Gardens located at these coordinates -37.5489049, 143.8216084

Some suggestions from D. Le Souef, Director of the Zoological Gardens, Melbourne (also known as the Melbourne Zoo).

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Agency: VA 478 Ballarat (Municipal District 1855-1863; Borough 1863-1870; City 1870-1994)
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Date: 3rd December 1914
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Some suggestions from Mr D. Le Souef, Director of the Zoological Gardens, Melbourne.

3rd December 1914

Mr Dudley Le Souef, director of the Zoological Gardens at Melbourne, at the invitation of the Mayor, attended the Council after its meeting and gave advice on and suggestions for the establishment of a zoological collection in Ballarat.

Mr Le Souef stated that, with the means at its disposal, the Council could establish a good collection of herbivorous and native animals, but it would not be desirable for the Council to introduce carnivore. One’s experience is that carnivore require an expert to keep and look after them. Carnivora have to be fed on fresh meat six days a week; their dung is always offensive and cages have to be cleaned out every day. If you put dogs, foxes etc in cages there is always a smell. For carnivore you have to build special houses which must have good heavy iron or wire fronts and these houses are expensive to build.

At the Acclimatisation Society’s Gardens in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris, all the animals are herbivorous. There is no trouble about feeding them, hay is always cheap to get. Animals kept on the lines followed in the Bois de Boulogne are inexpensive to house. You only need open sheds for houses which must always face the morning sun.

To Cr Crocker. – You cannot have any pretence of a zoo without monkeys. At Dunedin in New Zealand, the first animals they had in the zoo for three years were monkeys. Monkeys are not carnivorous. You must have your ground gazetted as a quarantine in order to keep monkeys. You need hardly feed monkeys at all as the public and children feed them.

If you have Australian animals like the bandicoot, wallaby, native cat they add to the attraction and interest of the place. For kangaroos, bandicoots etc the buildings required are only open sheds which are inexpensive.

Fences of light wire are needed. The first fence – the boundary fence – should be seven feet high. Inside fences should be made of light iron wire etc.

To make accommodation for an ordinary zoological collection in an area of 13 acres I do not think for a minute would cost more than £1,0001,000 £
75,000 £approx2009
152,000 $AUDapprox2009
20,000 shillings
240,000 pence

Then with regard to suitable animals, you could easily get deer – farrow deer, red deer and Samba deer (which is a very hardy deer).

An elephant wants to be more sheltered than other animals but still only needs a simple house – not an expensive house at all. The house should not be made of wood. Concrete buildings are the best available. The concrete house could have walls an inch or two thick and there are no subsequent requirements for upkeep. The concrete should go down 2 or 3 feet in the ground all round it to keep out rats. Rats are a curse when they get into zoo houses.

To Cr Lederman, - An elephant is a paying proposition for a number of years. The elephant gives children a very great deal of pleasure and that, I think, repays you even without anything else.

In the Melbourne Zoo we charge 2d0.00833 £
0.625 £approx2009
1.267 $AUDapprox2009
0.167 shillings
. a ride and we took £156156 £
11,700 £approx2009
23,712 $AUDapprox2009
3,120 shillings
37,440 pence
last year for elephant rides. We have no special keeper. The keeper all the afternoon looks after the elephant but, in the morning, does other general work. We have two men who look after the elephant turn about. The elephant we have now is the second one we have had. The first we had lived 30 years. There is not difficulty with the climate. We bring out the elephant every

Some suggestions

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VPRS 2500 P0 106 page 2.jpg day in Melbourne (except Sunday) in the afternoons.

Always take a female elephant if possible as a male elephant gets troublesom when he is in a must. The elephant we have now we got from Mr Grimwade when it was a baby. It has been in the gardens 20 odd years. It will carry about 400 children an afternoon, 6 at a time.

The elephant would cost approximately £300300 £
22,500 £approx2009
45,600 $AUDapprox2009
6,000 shillings
72,000 pence
. This is not a high price for an elephant.

It would take less than £1,0001,000 £
75,000 £approx2009
152,000 $AUDapprox2009
20,000 shillings
240,000 pence
to cover all the initial expenses of establishing a zoo with regard to lay out, footpaths, fences etc on 13 acres.

Zebras cost £100100 £
7,500 £approx2009
15,200 $AUDapprox2009
2,000 shillings
24,000 pence
apeice. The price of animals of this description is likely to go up on account of their being increasingly hunted. The principal dealers in them also are in Germany and we will get no animals from them for some time.

To Cr Lederman - with £3,0003,000 £
225,000 £approx2009
456,000 $AUDapprox2009
60,000 shillings
720,000 pence
we could lay out our ground and make a very presentable showing. Deer could be got for about £1010 £
750 £approx2009
1,520 $AUDapprox2009
200 shillings
2,400 pence
a pair (red) farrow deer and Samba deer about the same price. You would get many gifts so that the animals would cost little.

With regard to bird life I would say you must have emus, native companions, ibises and small birds, 1 or 2 curlews, cockatoos and parrots - king parrots, aky lowries etc -. You make wire cages - all wire, no wood at all - with half inch of three-quarter inch pipes for uprights enclosing a concrete shelter to be about 10 or 12 feet high. Do not make aviaries higher than about 12 feet.

Monkeys would cost you, roughly speaking, a couple of pounds apiece, I think a doxen or 15 woudl be quite enough. I do not think they would increase much here as it is rather cold.

Cost of upkeep. You would probably need to have two men in charge - two men at the very least. You would probably give 8/- or 9/- a day and have one man over the other. You would have a certain amount of hay to get every month and a small amount of green food, but the upkeep woudl be small. If you were buying meat the upkeep would cost much more.

I think for a time £350350 £
26,250 £approx2009
53,200 $AUDapprox2009
7,000 shillings
84,000 pence
per year would be ample for the running cost, but I would strongly advise you not to take up carnivora if you can avoid it. I do not think there is any possibility of your obtaining a grant of animals from the Melbouren Zoo as we have only a very small surplus.

We charge on week days 6d0.025 £
1.875 £approx2009
3.8 $AUDapprox2009
0.5 shillings
for adults and 3d0.0125 £
0.938 £approx2009
1.9 $AUDapprox2009
0.25 shillings
for children. On Sunday we only charge 1d0.00417 £
0.313 £approx2009
0.633 $AUDapprox2009
0.0833 shillings
for adults, one half-penny for children under 12 and nothing for children under 3. Sydney Gardens on Sunday change 3d0.0125 £
0.938 £approx2009
1.9 $AUDapprox2009
0.25 shillings
for adults and 1d0.00417 £
0.313 £approx2009
0.633 $AUDapprox2009
0.0833 shillings
for children. On Sunday we have a fine band and we frequently have from 7,000 to 10,000 there. This is fine in the winter, not in the summer when the beaches etc are a counter attraction.

To Cr Hill. English grass would be quite as good feed as hay. Anything you can feed a cow or horse on would be good enough for deer etc.

Animals of the antelope species are liable to get suddenly scared and meet with accidents. They are nearly always end by running against fences and breaking their necks.

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