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These pages were created from the names and addresses copied off the the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition by volunteers from various community groups in Victoria.

Often, the women who signed the petition did not give complete names.  Sometimes the names are difficult to read. You are welcome to provide additional information and corrections to the data.

Adding information

Simply log in (you will need to create a user account for yourself) and edit the entry you are looking at. See the List_of_1891_Women's_Suffrage_petition_signatories for some examples of information that has been contributed.

Correcting names and addresses

  1. If you spot an error in how the name or address has been copied from the original you can email womenspetition@parliament.vic.gov.au to ask for the index to be corrected on Parliament's web site.
  2. Log in to the wiki and change the details in the heading of the entry.  It is good to include details in the body of the entry about the source of your additional information.
  3. If you are able to supply a full name for a person (eg. you know that M Smith of Dawson St Brunswick is Mary Smith), you can create a new page for that person, or add a new entry to the full-name page if it is already created (see Smith, Mary for an example of women with the same name sharing a page).
  4. If you create a new page, please do not delete the existing entry.  Instead, create a link from the existing entry to the new page.  This will ensure that the link from the index on the Parliament of Victoria's website to that existing entry is not broken.  For help editing pages and creating links, see the Help page in the left hand menu.
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