Debney Park Swimming Pool Alterations to the Pavilion

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Citation: PROV, VPRS 8044/P1/905 Plan 5420 Reproducing this image
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Description: Plan 1 from set of 3 detailing the alterations to the Swimming Pool Pavilion


The swimming pool in Debney's Park, Flemington was one of three outdoor pools in the City of Melbourne at the time these plans were drawn up in 1984. The others were located in North Melbourne and in JJ Holland Park in Kensington.

Under the Kennett Government, the amalgamation and rezoning of council areas eventually saw the Debney's Park area made a part of the Moonee Valley City Council. For a substantial period of time though, Flemington, Kensington and the City of Melbourne were under the control of administrators and it was during this period that proposals for pool closures throughout the inner Melbourne area were mooted. It was proposed that all the pools in the former Melbourne council area be closed. A successful grass roots campaign saw the Kensington pool eventually saved and redeveloped. The Flemington pool, however, was filled in and the buildings removed.

Debney's Park was also subject to a substantial reduction in size due to the construction of Citylink. Further building and facility loss has since occurred with the resumption of land for road widening.

The accompanying plans show the locations of several buildings including the Australian Ballet Centre that have been lost since these plans were drawn.

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