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Step-By-Step Guide

1. Select Add a Biography in the left-hand column.

2. Enter a Title for the page you are about to create. The title should be the full name of the person you are creating the biography page for.

3. If you wish, you can associate your person with a relevant location eg place of birth. Enter an address and press the Look up Coordinates button. The placemark will not appear until after you have completed your form.

4. Under the map enter the Location - keep your location names consistent and don't use abbreviations eg Victoria not VIC.

5. Enter the Date of Birth - note that the Wiki does not recognise the American date convention mm/dd/yyyy or the month written in lowercase eg january.

6. Enter the Date of Death - note that you don't know the date of birth or death, you can always leave these fields blank

7. Enter User Tags - these are the words that will help others find your Biography Page. Separate your tags using semi-colons.

8. If you place any photographs on the page (either from your own personal collection or PROV records, enter the Copyright URL - the website address for the copyright/licensing laws covering any photographs you have . For Public Record Office Victoria records this will be

9. Enter the Related Resource URL. If the person is listed in the Australian Dictionary of Biography, you may wish to link to this here.

10. Enter your Biography text about the person.

11. Enter Alternative Names for the person

12. If you have a photograph of the person, you can add it to the page by clicking on the Add and image and/or transcript button Images uploaded to the Wiki need to be less than 2 MB. A good rule of thumb is to aim for around 400 - 600 kb if you only have one or two images to upload to a page. If you would like more information on resize an image visit Uploading an Image

19. Click on Upload File.

20. Click on Browse, find your file and click Open.

21. Enter a short description of your image in the Summary, then click Upload file.

22. If you have further information, for example, a table that you would like to add enter it in the Free Text box.

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