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Court of Insolvency Register - William McMillan is associated with 1 East Street, Ballarat East located at these coordinates -37.562964, 143.868544

Insolvency Court Register entry for William McMillan - resident of 1 and 3 East Street, Ballarat East

Record Citation: VPRS 723 / P0, Unit 6
Record URL:
Agency: VA 678 Ballarat Courts
Agency URL:
Date: 7th December 1898
Record Type: Insolvency Register
Event Type: Insolvency
Language: en
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User Tags: insolvency, insolvency court, ballarat courts

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
VPRS 723 P0 Unit 6 William McMillan small.jpg INSOLVENCY COURT REGISTER

No: 1409

Name &c., of Debtor or Insolvent and his Attorney:

William McMillan of No. 9 East Street Ballaarat East

railway employee

attorney: A.B. Cray

Debtor's Summons Order nisi, or Petition under Sec's 150-1

Date and Name of Assignee:

1899 May 10th at

E. Verey

Meeting Under Section 53.

Date: 1899 May 19th at

Trustee appointed.

Other Resolutions.

No creditors present

No debts proved

Meeting closed

Certified Sittings.

Date: 17.10.99

Judgment of the Court: Applon for certificate & dispensation filed.

Date: 28.11.99

Judgment of the Court: Certificate granted

Date: 22.12.99

Judgment of the Court: Issued

Remarks, Notices, and Returns:

10.5.99 Telegram to Chief Clerk Melb. Return Tracing & copy order to Registrar General Return to Official Accountant Memo to assignee Notice to Gazette & 2 papers

12.12.99 return to Registrar General & Official Accountant

Final A&B Statements 13.7.99

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