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Clara Adelaide Stockfeld is associated with 222 Punt Road, Prahran located at these coordinates -37.8471026, 144.9848215

Date of Birth: 1840
Date of Death: 1911
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Clara Adelaide Hooper was born of English parents in Hamburg, Germany in 1840. She came to Australia with her young family of five in 1882 and lived in Melbourne until her death in 1911. Her husband Frederick Stockfeld stayed in the UK where he died in 1883.

Clara Stockfeld is a signatory to the 1891 women's suffrage petition as is her daughter Clara M Stockfeld and her sister Selina Rutherford Hooper.

Information provided by her great great granddaughter, Robbie Stockfeld and great great grandson, Graham Stockfeld both of whom are signatories on the 100th Anniversary Banners.

Clara Adelaide Stockfeld .jpg

Photograph of Clara Adelaide Stockfeld

This woman signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition You can see the entire petition on the Parliament of Victoria Website.

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Facts about "Clara Adelaide Stockfeld"RDF feed
Has birth date1840 +
Has coordinates37° 50' 50" S, 144° 59' 5" ELatitude: -37.8471026
Longitude: 144.9848215
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Has date1911 + and 1883 +
Has death date1911 +
Has image +
Has image captionPhotograph of Clara Adelaide Stockfeld +
Has keywordsstockfeld +, 1891 women's petition +, prahran +, hooper +, 100th anniversary banners + and 1891 women's suffrage petition +
Has person nameClara Adelaide Hooper +, Frederick Stockfeld +, Clara M Stockfeld +, Selina Rutherford Hooper +, Robbie Stockfeld + and Graham Stockfeld +
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Latitude-37.847 +
Located in222 Punt Road, Prahran + and Hamburg, Germany +
Longitude144.985 +
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