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Charles Hotham is associated with South America located at these coordinates -14.6047222222, -57.6561111111

Date of Birth: 14th January 1806
Date of Death: 31st December 1855
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Hotham was a well-connected man who entered the navy in 1818 and was rapidly promoted. Various achievements in South America in the 1840s led to a knighthood, and he was appointed, against his will, as La Trobe's replacement as Lieutenant Governor of Victoria, a post he took up in June 1854. At this point, Hotham found himself in a difficult situation, with massive debt and an untrustworthy bureaucracy. His handling of the crisis at Ballarat did not, overall, gain him credit, and he was bitterly disappointed by the failure to convict those accused of treason in February and March. He applied for a return to Britain in late 1855, but died in December before it was granted. Hotham is an interesting character. His attitude towards the miners was heavily influenced by the positive reception he received in August. He did not trust his subordinates, and was reluctant to discuss policy with them. He was also notoriously inflexible, very unwilling to alter a decision or to compromise a policy or law. Overall, Hotham appears to have been an ideal colonial administrator, but a less-than-adept politician. Both the strengths and weaknesses of his rigid character were on very public display throughout late 1854.


Charles Hotham (1806-1855), by Batchelder's, La Trobe Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria, H29538

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