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Catherine Thaw Martin is associated with Bond Street, Ballarat, victoria located at these coordinates -37.573122, 143.8563267

Date of Birth: 1857
Date of Death: 1927
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Mrs W Martin, 92 Bond Street, Ballarat - should read Mrs D Martin

and C Y Martin, 92 Bond Street, Ballarat - should read C T Martin

I believe that these names should be shown as Mrs D Martin and C T Martin of Bond Street. I have compared the writing of these people on the petition with that which I have in the Martin family bible and am convinced that they are the same people. Mrs Martin always made her “D” with an extra squiggle at the base of the D and Catherine’s “T” was always as shown in her signature on the petition, so I am sure that the “W” shown by the transcribers was in fact a “D” and that the “Y” was in fact a “T”. I can send a scan of the bible entries if you need further proof. I do not know how much information you would like on these petitioners so here is a brief account of their story, there is more if it is required.

Catherine, daughter to Barbara Martin (Mrs D D Martin) who also signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition, never married and her occupation was listed as “Home Duties”. Catherine Thaw Martin was born in 1857 in Glasgow, Scotland to David Douglas Martin a Carpenter/Joiner and Barbara Thaw Gray. Her parents were married in Kirknewton Scotland in 1855. Her mother Barbara's parents were Catherine Thaw and William Gray an Inn Keeper and her father's parents were Elizabeth Douglas and William Martin a Spirit Dealer. Catherine arrived in Australia on the Great Britain in Sept 1860 with her father, mother and younger brother William. The family first stayed at Creswick but moved to Ballarat about 1863. Seven more children were born in Australia, they were David Douglas, Thomas Thaw Gray and Elizabeth Jane (twins), John, Matthew Gray, Elizabeth Jane and Ellen Janet. Catherine's mother died in 1892 and her father in 1907. Catherine lived the rest of her life at 92 Bond Street (this was later changed to no 17). She died in 1927 at Ballarat.

(Information courtesy of Julie Walsh, great grand-daughter of Barbara Martin)

This woman signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition You can see the entire petition on the Parliament of Victoria Website.

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