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Catherine Bentley is associated with Ballarat, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.55, 143.85

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Catherine Bentley arrived in Victoria in 1850 aboard the ship the Lochnagar. Only 23 years of age, her involvement in the murder of James Scobie was to leave her and her children destitute. By 1855 Catherine Bentley had sent two petitions, the first to Governor Hotham and the second one to the Board investigating the Ballarat Riots, she described herself as being "blameless" in the attack. Mrs Bentley claimed that the losses accrued in regards to the destruction of the Eureka hotel amounted to approximately £30,000. As a result she had moved to the Maryborough diggings to support her children by keeping a refreshment tent. The tent was unlicensed and she was reported to the authorities for selling liquor without a licence.

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