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Biddy Burke (2) is associated with County Sligo, Ireland located at these coordinates 54.1118125, -8.4689098

Date of Birth: 1832
Date of Death:
Also known as: bridget burke
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User Tags: irish famine orphan, lady kennaway, earl grey scheme

Biddy Burke was one of the Irish Famine Orphans on the Lady Kennaway. She had been a Nursemaid prior to leaving her native place of County Sligo, Ireland; she was Roman Catholic; possessed a Bible and could neither read nor write. Both her parents were dead. (Nominal Passenger List - VPRS 14/P0000/0004)

Biddy spent 5 days in the Immigration Depot - leaving the Depot on the 18th. She was engaged as a General Servant by Mrs. Fulton of Melbourne for 6 months at £88 £
600 £approx2009
1,216 $AUDapprox2009
160 shillings
1,920 pence
per annum with rations. (Disposal List - VPRS 14/P0000/0004 & VPRS 14/P0000/0006)

Biddy arrived in the Colony with her sisters, Catherine and Ellen. According to "Barefoot and Pregnant? Vol 2", she is believed to have married and died of consumption in Victoria at a young age. She married Hugh O'Kane in 1855

Facts about "Biddy Burke (2)"RDF feed
Also known asbridget burke +
Has birth date1832 +
Has british pounds 1830-19148 £ (600 £approx2009, 1,216 $AUDapprox2009, 160 shillings, 1,920 pence) +Purchasing Power
Has coordinates54° 6' 43" N, 8° 28' 8" WLatitude: 54.1118125
Longitude: -8.4689098
+Google maps
Has diseaseconsumption +
Has keywordsirish famine orphan +, lady kennaway + and earl grey scheme +
Has occupationNursemaid + and General Servant +
Has person nameBiddy Burke +, Catherine Burke +, Ellen Burke + and Hugh O'Kane +
Has religionRoman Catholic +
Has ship nameLady Kennaway +
Latitude54.112 +
Located inCounty Sligo, Ireland + and Melbourne +
Longitude-8.469 +
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