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Biddy Brennan (2) is associated with Swanston Street, Melbourne located at these coordinates -37.80838930000001, 144.9632828

Date of Birth: 1834
Date of Death:
Also known as:
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Biddy Brennan was one of the Irish Famine Orphans on the New Liverpool. She had been a Nursemaid prior to leaving her native place; she was Roman Catholic; . (Nominal Passenger List - VPRS 14/P0000/000)

Biddy arrived at the Immigration Depot on 9th August 1849 and left there on 18th September. She was engaged by Michael Flaher of Swanston Street, Melbourne for 12 months at £66 £
450 £approx2009
912 $AUDapprox2009
120 shillings
1,440 pence
per annum. Notation in Remarks column: "Cancelled. P (or R)" (Disposal List - VPRS 14/P0000/0006)

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