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This page is for ideas for possible elements of the upcoming exhibition.

Filling in the blanks
It could be interesting to try a visualisation showing the takeup of land within 'the grid' over time - purchasers, street names, land use. Presentation with a video showing changes on a map as a timeline advances.

Roadknight Family
Business and personal collections from the Roadknight family are held at the Geelong Heritage Centre
Thomas Roadknight was one of the very early settlers in Geelong (1836)
Pastoralists, Real Estate Agents, Auctioneers, Woolbrokers etc. their name is indelibly connected to land
--Mmcdonald 17:24, 7 November 2012 (EST)

Market Square - Anatomy of a Block

GRS2031 A81 01 GHC.jpg

Possible format of presentation:
Animation showing the changes to Market Square
Basic bird's eye view line illustration showing block boundaries, Moorabool, Malop, Yarra and Lt. Malop Streets and edge of surrounding blocks (see plan layout as good example)
Illustration will show outlines of key features such as appearance and disappearance of Jacobs and McCann Streets, block buildings, Solomon's building, clock tower demolition and use of clock in CML building, market building, gardens, fountains, etc.
Illustration to show 'hot spots' where viewer can click and up pops an image and/or data about that area in the time period they are looking at
Can we incorporate a way to gather stories about peoples' interactions within the block, ie. stories about cruising around Jacobs and McCann Street in cars 'blockies'
--Mmcdonald 12:52, 22 November 2012 (EST)

Great idea Melody. Thinking further about a way to gather stories about peoples' interactions within the block (Geelong) or Grid (Melbourne), what if we were to get a group of people to record their way around a city? See A Walk in Barcelona (thanks Daniel!) which was recorded using Antimap. We could use Meetup to recruit participants in Melbourne and Geelong, get people to download the Antimap app prior to this, meet somewhere like Flinders St Station (for Melb). It would be an interesting way to bring the records to life / show how these imagined/planned spaces are actually used. Would also make a nice projection in the exhibition.


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