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The name on this page was taken from the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition. We encourage you to edit this page to add information or make corrections.

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Emma Beasy of Dunolly

Emma used this address when signing the Women's Suffrage petition in 1891.


Emma Beasy (nee Bowman) was born 10 Jan 1857, at Bet Bet, Victoria, to James and Margaret Bowman.

She married Edward John Beasy (known as John Edward Beasy) at Mt.Hooogly in 1881, and they set up their home in Dunolly, at the "battery" end of Market Street, next to the Catholic Church, where they were living when she signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition: page 663, line 1.

The house was "partly mud brick and iron, and partly weatherboard and iron and various outbuildings" on a small area of land surrounding the house where they were able to keep their horses and cows. The land, Section 36 in the Borough and Parish of Dunolly, was held under a Miners Right.

Between 1881 and 1904 they had 12 children:

  • John Edward,
  • James William (Bill),
  • Arthur Robert (Bob),
  • Herbert,
  • Edith Priscilla,
  • Hector Norman,
  • James Robert,
  • Sarah Jane,
  • Maurice,
  • Walter George,
  • Margaret Emma (Emma),
  • Ruby Priscilla.

Emma's husband bought a cartage business, and he provided a good reliable service to the Dunolly community for many years with his fleet of horse drawn vehicles. He was very civic minded and took a leading role in Dunolly, through the Church of Christ, through athletic activities, and, later somewhat reluctantly, through the Borough Council. He was a strong advocate for the motto "mens sana in corpore sano" (a healthy mind in a healthy body), the motto of the Carlton Football Club, for whom their son Maurice Beasy played, and in later years their grandson Doug Beasy played.

John Edward Beasy, was born 27 Oct 1856, on the gold fields at Buninyong, the eldest son of William Beasy and Eliza Gallagher.
William Beasy had arrived on the ship "Sir Thomas Arbethnott" 24 May 1845, age 22 years, and was released on his own account to fend for himself. William married Eliza Gallagher, who had arrived on the ship "Chandermager" 21 May 1854, in Geelong, and was assigned to David De Courcy Lawson, in Geelong. David's wife Elizabeth (nee Beasy) was a younger sister of William.

Emma's husband John was the mayor of the Borough of Dunolly, but was forced to retire, due to increasing ill health, and after prolonged illness, died 20 Jan 1923, aged 66.

Emma died in Dunolly, 4 Dec 1937, aged 80, and was survived by seven sons and a daughter, 33 grand-children, and seven great-grand-children.


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  • Information provided by Ken McInnes, great-great-grandson of Elizabeth Lawson (nee Beasy).

See the Editing Women's Petition information page for help on updating information and correcting transcription errors.

See the List of 1891 Women's Suffrage petition signatories for some other stories of these women.

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