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Ballarat Botanical Gardens - re Dangerous Kangaroo is associated with Botanical Gardens, Ballarat, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.547009, 143.8217025

Correspondence regarding a dangerous kangaroo

Record Citation: VPRS 2500/P0, Unit 46
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Agency: VA 478 Ballarat (Municipal District 1855-1863; Borough 1863-1870; City 1870-1994)
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Date: 16th July 1883
Record Type: Correspondence
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Language: en
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User Tags: ballarat botanical gardens, botanical gardens, ballarat, kangaroo, animals

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
VPRS 2500 P0 0013 Box 46 16-7-1883 front small.jpg City of Ballarat, Botanic


July 16th 1883

Mr Perry

Dear Sir,

I have just been thinking that it is better for me to inform you in time that the kangaroo which we received from Clunes Hospital is a most-dangerous brute, and anyone coming within reach of him man or lad even with a stick in hand I experienced this last-Saturday having what I thought a stick or rather batten of some considerable strength he stuck me up and to work I had to go after two rounds the batten gave way over his head without he being the least bit daunted. I was only glad to clear out - I would advise the Council to put it away for it is most-dangerous.


Yours truly

G Longley

Botanic -

Dangerous kangaroo
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Has coordinates37° 32' 49" S, 143° 49' 18" ELatitude: -37.547009
Longitude: 143.8217025
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Has record agencyVA 478 Ballarat (Municipal District 1855-1863; Borough 1863-1870; City 1870-1994) +
Has record citationVPRS 2500/P0, Unit 46 +
Has record typeCorrespondence +
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Latitude-37.547 +
Located inBotanical Gardens, Ballarat, Victoria +
Longitude143.822 +
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