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Ballarat Botanical Gardens - Death of a White Swan is associated with Ballarat Botanical Gardens, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.547009, 143.8217025

Report to the town clerk, George Perry, on the death of a White Swan

Record Citation: PROV VPRS 2500/P0, Unit 64
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Agency: VA 478 Ballarat (Municipal District 1855-1863; Borough 1863-1870; City 1870-1994)
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Date: 9 July 1890
Record Type: Correspondence
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Language: en
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User Tags: white swan, swan, ballarat botanical gardens, gardens, ballarat, dead

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
VPRS 2500 P0 0002 Box 64 09-07-1890 copy small.jpg City of Ballaarat

Town Hall

July 9th 1890?

Botanic Garden

Mr Perry

Dear Sir

It is with sorry I have to state that this morning I sent a young man out upon the Lake with the intention of having the White Swans brought in to the Fish Ponds, but the third bird was found upon an island dead in the state which you will see - in my opinion has been torn with a dog, or something of the kind. So I will put the other two in to the enclosed Fish Pond

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Has coordinates37° 32' 49" S, 143° 49' 18" ELatitude: -37.547009
Longitude: 143.8217025
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Has occupationtown clerk +
Has person nameGeorge Perry +
Has record agencyVA 478 Ballarat (Municipal District 1855-1863; Borough 1863-1870; City 1870-1994) +
Has record citationPROV VPRS 2500/P0, Unit 64 +
Has record typeCorrespondence +
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Latitude-37.547 +
Located inBallarat Botanical Gardens, Victoria +
Longitude143.822 +
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