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Arthur Akehurst is associated with Ballarat, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.55, 143.85

Date of Birth: 13th September 1836
Date of Death: 27th June 1902
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Clerk of the Peace Arthur Akehurst was charged over the death of Henry Powell in the battle at the Eureka Stockade. Powell who had initially survived the attack identified Akehurst as his assailant and in his dying statement told Inspector Evans of how he was struck over the head with Akehurst's sabre. In January 1855, Akehurst stood trial for manslaughter over the death of Henry Powell, but was later discharged as Inspector Evans had forgotten to swear Powell in before he gave his dying testimony. These events did not seem to hinder Akehurst's career as he later moved to Geelong as a Clerk of the Court and then moved around Victoria as a Police Magistrate.

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