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Applications to Mine on Private Property - David Hughes is associated with Albert Street, Sebastopol, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.5987007, 143.8413896

This application to mine on private property on Albert Street, was made by the Sebastopol Central Mining Company No Liabilities. David Hughes, Henry Matthes and John Wall of Sebastopol were 3 of the 6 shareholders. Sixteen residents of Albert Street, including David and Matilda Hughes and Henry Matthes are listed as being affected by the proposed mining.

The company was registered in 1887. Mining Company Registration Files - The Sebastopol Central Mining Company No Liability

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Record Citation: PROV VPRS 1462/P0, Unit 1
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Agency: VA 3800 Ballarat Mining District
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Date: 06/01/1887
Record Type: Application for Mining Lease
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Language: en
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Related Resource URL:,_Sebastopol
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Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
1462 P0 Unit 1 Albert Street 0001.jpg 45 P.P.

Lease no. 755

Mining Division of - Sebastopol

Names and addresses of applicants and style under which it is intended to carry on the business... David Hughes Albert St Sebastopol

Sebastopol Central Company

Extent of ground applied for... 12 acres

Locality... Albert Street Sebastopol

Name of each person who is owner of, and of each person (if any) occupying, the land applied for

Owners John Martin, David Hughes, Julia Robertson George Cook, Thos Williams, Trustees of Free Library, John Leckie Trustees of Church of England, Thomas Ferguson, Mary Jane Bennett, Thomas Kennedy, James Barrie, Gemma Darkly, Matilda Hughes, Henry Matties, Occupier John Weightman

Minimum amount of Labour to be employed... For the first 6 months, 3 men. Subsequently, when in full work, 8 men.

Precise locality... Albert Street Sebastopol

Term for which Lease is required... 15 years

Time of commencing operations...On grant of lease

Amount of money proposed to be invested... 15,000 pounds

In what manner the Land is to be worked... Not stated

Day and hour application was received by Warden... 6th of January 1887 at 2.15 P.M.

No as entered by Warden...45P.P.

Notice given to Owner... Notice given to Occupier... January 19th 1887

Authority given to Mining Surveyor to survey... February 15th to R. Davidson

Objections to Grant of the Lease... None

Recommendations as to covenants. Labour to be employed... During first 6 months, two men. Subsequently, during the remainder of term of Lease, three men.

Special Provisions suggested...Protecting the buildings and surface of that land, for which the lease is granted only below the surface, from injury.

Plan, as per margin, by R. Davidson Date of Survey -

Date of the Approval by the Governor in Council 2nd September 1887

Date of the Gazette notice of intention to lease...Gazette Page 2598/87

Date and term of Lease...Date - Term - 15 years

Area leased...7 acres 2 roods 15 perches

Covenants. Annual Rent payable...Labour to be employed...During the first 6 months, from and after the date of Lease, two men. Subsequently, during the remainder of this demise, three - men

Special Provisions introduced...Excising allotment 5 of section 10

Received the above mentioned lease this 21st day of January 1888

John Wall Manager

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
1462 P0 Unit 1 Albert Street 0002.jpg 1887 Sent Jany 10th Returned To applicant his application for amendment

Recd Jany 13 Application amended

Sent Jany 17 To applicant for addresses of some of owners and occupiers

Recd Jany 18 from applicant the above addresses

Sent Jany 19 Notice to owners and occupiers

Sent Feb 15 Instruction to survey to R. Davidson

Recd April 4 Surveyors plan, report etc.

Notice of Court of Inquiry given 6/4/87 Court fixed for 15/4/87 Adjourned to 29/4/87 thence to 6th May 1887 thence to 13/5/87 thence to 27/5/87. Held finally on 1st July 1887 and adjourned for the report.

Sent July 12 To applicant for agreement to be lodged at once

Sent July 18 To Mininster Warden's report & all other papers as per draft

Recd August 24 At request of Sec for Mines an additional deposit of 2 pounds 7 shillings

Recd August 23 From Sec for Mines informing that particulars are sufficient and directing Court of Inquiry to be closed.

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
1462 P0 Unit 1 Albert Street 0003.jpg
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