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Application for Mining Lease - Thomas Blackett is associated with Nerrina, Victoria located at these coordinates -37.5425067, 143.8934036

Application for a Mining Lease from Thomas Blackett on behalf of the Young Hero Quartz Mining Company - owner of 7 East Street, Ballarat East

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Record Citation: VPRS 1458 / P0, Unit 1
Record URL:
Agency: VA 3800 - Ballarat Mining District
Agency URL:
Date: 1874
Record Type: Application for Mining Lease
Event Type: Application for Registration
Language: en
Copyright URL:
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User Tags: mining, mining lease, application, little bendigo, ballarat

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
VPRS 1458 1.jpg Application No. 176


PARTICULARS OF APPLICATION. Mining District of Ballarat Names of applicants and style under which it is intended to carry on the business...Thomas Blackett for the Young Hero Quartz Mining Company

Extent of ground applied for...9 acres

Locality...Little Bendigo

Whether the ground applied for includes any rivers, creek, spring or reservoir...No

Amount of money proposed to be invested...£6000

In what manner the Land is to be worked...manual Labor and Machinery

Minimum amount of Labor to be employed...For the first 3 months, 4 men. Subsequently, when in full work, 10 men.

Term for which Lease is desired...Fifteen Years

Time of commencing operations...On granting lease


Day and hour application was received by Warden 27th April @ 11.50am

No. as entered by Warden...176

Objections to Grant of the Lease Recommendation as to Covenants (blank) -

Labor to be employed ...During first 3 months, 4 men. Subsequently, during the remainder of term of Lease, 10 men.

Special Provisions suggested ... 1. Securing use of Track on plan 2. Preventing interference with Creek

General Remarks... (blank)

Plan as per margin, by Thomas Lowan

Date of Survey - 20 May


Date of the Governor's Approval...

Date of Gazette notice of intention to lease...

Date and term of lease...30 May 1874

Term 15 years

Lessees' Names...Thomas Blackett

Area leased...8a 1r13p

Covenants - Annual Rent payable...£4.3.14

Labor to be employed...During first 6 months, from and after the date of Lease, 3 men. Subsequently during the remainder of this demise, 4 men.

Special Provisions introduced...Reserving Track and Creek shewn on plan, with the access to Creek and Residence Area shewn and providing that Lessee shall not cut down Trees in State Forest not injure them

Application for Mining Lease - Thomas Blackett, page 1

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
VPRS 1458 2.jpg Reference to Correspondence Relating to the Appplication of the Preceding page.

1874 April 27th Thomas Cowan - Instructions to Survey.

May 27th Court Inquiry held.

May 30th Report to Minister of Mines - minus consent of G.I.King

74/509 June 5th Endorsing consent of G.I.King.

August 17th Lease Granted - & Refund scheduled for - August 18th Forwarded to Min. of Mines.

August 31st Received. Registered. Declared Void

26th November 1875 P.2210

Application for Mining Lease - Thomas Blackett, page 2
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