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Ann Dempsey is associated with Brighton, Victoria, Australia located at these coordinates -37.9056598, 145.0043117

Date of Birth: 1832
Date of Death:
Also known as: ann demsey, ann abel
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User Tags: irish famine orphan, diadem, earl grey scheme

Ann Dempsey was one of the Irish Famine Orphans on the Diadem. She had never been in Service prior to leaving her native place; she was Church of England; . (Nominal Passenger List - VPRS 14/P0000/000)

Ann was received into the Immigration Depot on 12th January 1850 and left there on 19th January. She was engaged by James Andrews, Farmer, of Brighton for 6 months at £88 £
600 £approx2009
1,216 $AUDapprox2009
160 shillings
1,920 pence
per annum. (Disposal List - VPRS 14/P0000/0006)

Ann married Eugene Abel in St. Andrew's Church of England in 1852 (Marriage Certificates 1852/20382 & 1852/20385A). They had the following children:-

  1. Eugene born in Dandenong in 1856. (Birth Certificate 1856/10472)
  1. Edwin died, aged 4 weeks, in 1856 (Death Certificate 1856/4421)
  2. Thomas born in Dandenong in 1861 (Birth Certificate 1861/7125)and died, aged 6 months, in 1861 (Death Certificate 1861/4332)
  3. Emily born in Dandenong in 1862. (Birth Certificate 1862/7871). Emily married Iden Henham.
  4. Edwin Eugene born in Eumerella in 1864. (Birth Certificate 1864/21297)
  5. Albert Edward born in Dandenong in 1868. (Birth Certificate 1868/22793)
  6. Susan born in Narrewarren about 1871 )and died, aged 4 months, in 1871 (Death Certificate 1871/3645)

According to her Death Certificate, Ann died in Pakenham, aged 58 years. Her parents are listed as Unknown. (Death Certificate 1891/7677)

Eugene died in 1899 (Death Certificate 1899/13936) and owned a farm in Gembrook at the time of his death. Read his Will VPRS 7591/P0002/ 297 File ref. 73/261 and his probate documents VPRS 28/P0000/933 File ref. 73/261 and VPRS 28/P0002/ File ref. 73/261

Facts about "Ann Dempsey"RDF feed
Also known asann demsey + and ann abel +
Has birth date1832 +
Has british pounds 1830-19148 £ (600 £approx2009, 1,216 $AUDapprox2009, 160 shillings, 1,920 pence) +Purchasing Power
Has coordinates37° 54' 20" S, 145° 0' 16" ELatitude: -37.9056598
Longitude: 145.0043117
+Google maps
Has keywordsirish famine orphan +, diadem + and earl grey scheme +
Has occupationnever been in Service + and Farmer +
Has person nameAnn Dempsey +, James Andrews +, Eugene Abel +, Thomas Abel +, Emily Abel +, Iden Henham +, Edwin Abel + and Albert Abel +
Has religionChurch of England +
Has ship nameDiadem +
Latitude-37.906 +
Located inBrighton, Victoria, Australia +, Dandenong, Victoria, Australia +, Eumerella, Victoria, Australia +, Narrewarren, Victoria, Australia +, Pakenham, Victoria, Australia + and Gembrook, Victoria, Australia +
Longitude145.004 +
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