Allotment 43 Section 10, Albert Street, Sebastopol

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Allotment 43 Section 10, Albert Street, Sebastopol is associated with Albert Street Sebastopol Victoria located at these coordinates -37.5998741, 143.8410782

Allotment 43 was bought by J Sayers on December 12 1865.

By 1891 it is listed as among the assets of John Wall, a surveyor and for many years the town clerk of Sebastopol. ‘All that piece of land being allotment 43 of section 10 at Sebastopol Parish of Ballarat County of Grenville on which there are no improvements save the fencing Value £ 20’.

John Wall also owned the adjoining allotment 44 section 10, and allotment 16 section 5 the Post Office on the west side of Albert street when he died in 1891. The digitised probate documents can be found can be found here

John Wall, Town Clerk Sebastopol

This record is part of the Albert Street, Sebastopol Case Study. Explore our property research case studies on the PROV Wiki:

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