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Alice Lawn is associated with County Donegal, Ireland located at these coordinates 54.6548993, -8.1040967

Date of Birth: 1832
Date of Death: 29th August 1881
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Alice Lawn was one of the Irish Famine Orphans on the Lady Kennaway. She had been a House Servant prior to leaving her native place of County Donegal, Ireland; she was Roman Catholic and could neither read nor write. Both her parents were dead. (Nominal Passenger List - VPRS 14/P0000/0004)

Alice entered the Immigration Depot on 13th December 1848 and left there on 16th December 1848 when she was engaged by Edward Curr of St. Helliers for 6 months at £9 per annum. (Disposal List - VPRS 14/P0000/0006)

Alice arrived on the Lady Kennaway with her older sisters Sarah Lawn, and Eleanor Lawn.

Alice married William Hancock on 10th September 1849, at St.Francis, Roman Catholic church, Melbourne.

When the gold rush began in Victoria, the three sisters and their husbands pooled their resources, purchased a horse and dray and headed for the gold-fields.

Alice Hancock died at Creswick, on 29th August 1881, aged 45. Following a magisterial enquiry on 31st August 1881, a verdict was given, after medical evidence, that death was the result of alcoholic poisoning, and that she was "addicted to habits of intemperence. ("Creswick Advertiser" 31st August 1881, and 2nd September 1881).

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