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Alfred Cracknell is associated with 33 Victoria Street Flemington located at these coordinates -37.787376, 144.9336

Date of Birth: 1881
Date of Death:
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Alfred Cracknell was born in 1881 in Flemington at a time when his father Samuel was working as a jockey. Samuel Cracknell was a canny investor and had acquired numerous properties in the Flemington area. Alfred spent most of his life in Flemington.

This Biography forms part of the Victorian Era Victoria Street Flemington project. Alfred and Beatrice Cracknell lived at 33 Victoria Street Flemington.

Alfred's working life was quite different from his father's - he was at first a blacksmith and later recorded as a railway employee. He married Beatrice Dugdale in 1905 and they continued to live in number 33. His son, Alfred Gordon Cracknell became a clerk for the Railways in the 1930's. Beatrice remained in the house for a few years after Alfred's death. Having the Cracknell family living at number 33 for the best part of 50 years ensured the family a place in the "longest residents" hall of fame!

Alfred was the third of Samuel's children and there was three younger sisters. When Samuel wrote his will in 1921, Alfred and his younger sister, Caroline were named as executors. Samuel had a change of heart and in 1932, made Alfred the sole executor. Will: VPRS 7591/P0002/893 Probate: VPRS 28/P0003/2418

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