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Agnes Ballantyne is associated with Selkirk, Scotland located at these coordinates 55.550658, -2.838524

Date of Birth: 1845
Date of Death: 1907
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Taken from the obituary of Agnes Ballantyne as recorded in "the alliance record" dated December 1, 1907 and from my recollections as given to me by my father, a grandson.

...Mrs Ballantyne was born at Selkirk, Scotland and came to Victoria at an early age; and had she lived would have been married forty years next July.

..From an early age she was connected with church and philanthropic societies; and in casting around for opportunities for doing good; she was drawn to the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and joined a short time after its formation. For fourteen years she was the local president of the Malvern Branch, meetings being held regularly in her home. Her house and grounds were often used to forward Temperance and charitable objects, and no call in this direction was ever refused by her: to all such work she always gave a hearty, generous and willing support.

She had a broadminded, sympathetic, earnest and unselfish nature, and as a result was greatly beloved by all those who were privileged to come within the circle of her acquaintance.

The care of children was another work that appealed to her strong sympathies, and when legislation was passed providing for children's courts she became an officer in the district where she resided....

Agnes Clapperton 23, teacher, married James Ballantyne 28, plasterer, in 1868 at her home by the Minister of the Baptist Church, Collins-street. They had six sons and two daughters. James also came from Selkirk and like his father-in-law was Master plasterer. Family story has it these two were responsible for the plaster work in many early public buildings including the famous plaster work in the victorian state parliament building, customs house, melbourne club. After the death of Agnes Ballantyne, James sold "myamyn" and bought "armadale house" from the Hon James Munro in Kooyong Road where he died in 1920.

This woman signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition You can see the entire petition on the Parliament of Victoria Website.

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(Information courtesy of Maree Gould [nee Ballantyne] great grand-daughter of Agnes Ballantyne)

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