37/0212 Corry Bros., restriction of immature red gum gutting in Murray areas

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37/0212 Corry Bros., restriction of immature red gum gutting in Murray areas is associated with Barmah, Victoria located at these coordinates -36.0174165, 144.9614198


Record Citation: VPRS 11563/P1 General Correspondence Files, Annual Single Number System I, unit 152
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Agency: VA 534 1919 - 1983 - Department of State Forests (Forests Commission)
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BarmahRedGum-001 small.jpg FORM 105.


SAWMILLS-BARMAH. File No. 37/2/2 Ack. 25/1/37

From CORRY BROS., Subject Urges restriction of cutting of immature Red Gum Timber in Murray areas.




Chairman 2. W Hayden for report

26 JAN 1937

Chief Clerk 28/1/57

29 JAN 1937 Letter 21/2/57

Pena 14/2 urgent reminder

Chief Clerk

15 FEB 1937 Letter 17/2/57

Pena 11/3

Chief Clerk

20/FEB 1937

I see no reason for any alteration of present methods of supervision



The Chairman

3/MAR 1937 Noted G




Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
BarmahRedGum-002white small.jpg Form 419 Forests Commission of

Victoria No. 42

Quote Corr. No. 37/212

Postal Address Bendigo



The Secretary

Forests Commission 18.2.1937


Referring to the letters from Corry Bros, Sawmillers, Picola West, and the insinuation contained therein that extensive cutting of young growing undamaged trees for sawmill logs, and sleepers, is being permitted in the Barmah Forest District, I desire to state that I investigated the matter this week, and I feel justified in denying these statements,and would point out either Corry Bros are ignorant of forest problems, or are not serious in advocating the re-introduction of the old method of a size limit. Experience has proved beyond doubt that this is a bad system, and I venture to state that this system , which was in force in the Barmah forests, for a number of years, was responsible for so much faulty and badly formed timber being left on the areas.A large percentage of the Red Gum on River areas is faulty, and the majority of those faults such as "punk", "ants", and rot from dry limbs, show on the trees comparatively early, and although the tree may be undersize, it is absolutely essential that it be removed, in the interests of the better trees adjacent to it. These small trees are useless to the miller, but in some cases 2 or 3 or perhaps more sleepers can be obtained now.It would certainly be bad practice to allow these trees to remain, because they are undersize, and perhaps later they would be useless for any purpose.A number of these trees have been marked for the hewers by the supervising foremen in

Image Transcript Margin Notes Body of Transcript
BarmahRedGum-003white small.jpg Form 419

Forests Commission of Victoria. No.43

recent years, and the stumps and head are all that remain, and any persons not acquainted with the faults of the Red Gum, or who desired to put up a case to serve certain ends, could easily point to the stump and head of these trees in support of their contention However, I emphatically state that undamaged young growing trees have not been marked to be felled either for mill logs or sleepers.Corry Bros have I am informed been operating their mill for over 20 years, and today they are obtaining logs within about 2 miles of the mill, and Forester Tingate states they have not gone at any time further than 5 miles from the mill and this only when it was not possible or convenient to operate on closer areas.This in my opinionis pretty convincing proof that the milling timber at all events has been strictly conserved, and this in spite of the fact that when I took charge here there were some 300 hewers operating in the Barma District.

During my investigation, I visited the "Gulf areas, where a gang of hewers were operating under Foreman O'Brien about the time I "took over" here.At present the Murray River Sawmills Cop. have their fellers and haulers in there obtaining mill logs. I counted 130 logs of good average quality, which up to date have been obtained from less than 50 acres, over which the hewers previously operated. Two hewers are now operating after the fellers

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BarmahRedGum-004white small.jpg Form 419

Forests Commission of Victoria. No 44 obtaining sleepers from limbs, and waste cuts after the mill logs are taken out, and in looking over the work I was struck with the fact that the marking of the sleeper trees in this area had been well done, otherwise the number of mill logs above mentioned would not be available now. In this area again,it was noticed that a number of small damaged and faulty trees had been taken out by the hewers, under the supervising Foreman's instruction, but certainly no young growing undamaged trees. I have been informed in the Barmah district that Corry Bros are antagonistic to sleeper hewers, and this is the only reason I can suggest for the writing of the letter which has prompted this report. I feel quite satisfied that the officers entrusted with the marking of the trees for mill logs and sleepers, have carried out their work well, and in view of the numerous faults in the timber, these men show ability in their work, and a study of the forest areas at Barmah convince me that sleeper hewing has been, and is still well controlled, and the good timber of all ages has been strictly conserved, and it is apparent to anyone that the sleeper hewers have been a boon in utilising so much inferior timber that would have been discarded by the miller and would have remained on the areas to menace the good young timber coming on T.F Hayden Inspector.

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BarmahRedGum-005white small.jpg 37/212


4th. February, 37.

Mr. T. F. Hayden,

Inspector of Forests,


The attached copy of letter from Messrs. Corry Bros. Concerning the cutting of immature Redgum timber in Murray areas, is fowarded to you for investigation, report and recommendation.




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