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127 Victoria Street Flemington is associated with 127 Victoria Street Flemington located at these coordinates -37.785038, 144.93526

Although not bearing a street number in the Rates Assessments for the Borough of Flemington and Kensington from 1885 to 1889, it can be established that the land on which the home at 127 Victoria Street Flemington was located, belonged to James Martin, gentleman.

The plot of land was described as "V. L. 100 x 100" and was valued at £10 in 1887. The rates payable on the land were assessed as being 14/-. It appears Mr Martin was happy to pay this amount. In 1889, the value of the land was assessed at £20 and the rates payable at £1/10/- which it appeared was considered excessive as it was unpaid. In May that year, the Council elected to write off that amount and the Rates book was annotated accordingly. The same thing occurred the following year.

This property profile forms part of the Victorian Era Victoria Street Flemington project.

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Date: 1887
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James Martin (127).jpg Snippet from the microfilm copy shows marked deterioration.
Assessment for Rates 1889

On Feb 22 1909, a Notice of Intention to Build was lodged with the City of Melbourne. Permit #1239 was issued to an H. J. James as builder and James F Brown as owner for the sum of 10/- for the construction of a weatherboard dwelling.

Building Notice of Intention VPRS 9289/P/1 Unit 8

The 1909 and 1914 Electoral Rolls show the occupants of the house as James Francis Brown, a clothier, and his wife Hilda Ethel Laura Brown.

At the time of the 1984 Heritage Survey conducted on behalf of the City of Melbourne, both this house and the house on the adjoining property at number 125 still existed. Only a short time after this, the properties were acquired by a developer. One was demolished and the other removed in two pieces for relocation. The combined site now has six 2 story brick terrace houses facing Victoria Street and two more facing into High Street with rear access to all the properties from High Street.

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