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121 Victoria Street Flemington is associated with 121 Victoria Street Flemington located at these coordinates -37.7854706, 144.9350388

In 1897, 121 Victoria Street Flemington was a rateable vacant block of land owned by Nora Sullivan later to become Nora Murray when a keen eyed clerk noted she had been married. In 1901, the Rates Book noted that the land belonging to Nora Murray was fenced but otherwise vacant.

City of Melbourne/Borough of Flemington and Kensington Rates Books VPRS 4907/P2/0001 Unit 19

On September 8, 1910, James Carless, listed as both owner and builder, submitted a 'Notice of Intention to Build' a weatherboard dwelling - the permit costing him 14/-. Before 1916 it was not necessary to supply plans, just the description of the intended works, the name of the owner and builder and the location of the property.

Building Notice of Intention VPRS 9289/P/1 Unit 7 page 211

By the end of the decade, the existing house had been built and became the home of Harold Lascelles Carless and his father James. The house is of weatherboard construction with faux block treatment on the front. There is a double story galvanised "shed" across the full width of the property at the rear.

J Carless, as builder, lodged a notice of intention to build a "wood and iron stables" at the rear of the premises on 7 November 1913. This permit cost the Carless family 5/- .

Building Notice of Intention VPRS 9289/P/1 Unit 8

For more of the story, see the biography page for Harold Lascelles Carless.

This property profile forms part of the Victorian Era Victoria Street Flemington project.

Record Citation: PROV, VPRS 5708/P4, unit 2
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Agency: VA 511 (City of Melbourne and Borough of Flemington and Kensington)
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Date: 1903
Record Type: Rate Payment Ledger
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Has record urlhttp://www.access.prov.vic.gov.au/public/component/daPublicBaseContainer?component=daViewSeries&entityId=5708 +
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